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Get to Know Your Body Age and Overall Wellness State at the NuSkin AgeLOC Expo

August 14, 2015
It is true when I say I feel like I am stuck at age 25 – and I love it even more when people think I am only 25 years old. I guess I am successful at my life goal – aging with grace. But of course, staying and feeling young doesn’t equate only to my youthful ways. I need to keep my body young to be able to do more.
If people think I am younger than my real age, I also needed to know what my body age is. The surprising result.. TENEN!
20 years old!

The resident doctor at #NuSkin expo earlier said, I should treat my body age as my real age. 
If you want to know your body age and the numbers that tell how healthy and fit you are, head on over to the NuSkin AgeLOC Expo (last day tomorrow!)
I, Chessika and Phya were given VIP access to try the test to help us get to know our body and how to help us reach the optimum of wellness.
Our first stop – a taste of AgeLoc TR90 drink. TrimShake helps control calorie intake and food craving. It is also a good protein supplement to build muscles. Chessika said the Vanilla flavor tasted like a kid’s milk. I like it though 🙂
Next, we tried the Karada Scan. I have previously tried this during the Ensure event but I was curious with my body age.  I am glad that the result says I am basically normal and average.
Next, we tried the Skin Carotenoid Scanner. It measures the amount of antibodies in our body and how well we can combat diseases. I am not surprised with the result of 24,000 which is in the safe zone but with low count. I am not taking any multivitamins because I want to keep everything natural. They advised that I take vitamins for 3 months and get a new scan to measure the vitamin brand’s effect. Good tip!

The result says that I need to take more vitamins and fruits
– and I thought I am taking enough. Based on the analysis, I need to take more fruits and veggies,
slather on sunscreen and start taking multivitamins.

Off to the skin station, we got pampered with Transformation Set and ageLOC Galvanic Spa.
A lot of people have sworn to that galvanic machine. We actually felt an instant lift right after the short session.

After the session. They said we should expect better result after 2 days. 


Chessika and I trying the NuSkin Transformation Set 

We also met with some skin specialists to talk about our skin condition. It was amazing to meet Myey who happens to be #Anagon’s best friend! She looks so pretty and her skin is glowing. She said she used to have a lot of breakouts (unbelievable!). She is now using the Combination Skin Set for maintenance after using the Acne-Pro Skin Set. I was super amazed!


Finally, we got a short chitchat with resident physician’s and nurses who interpreted our results. I was assigned to Nathaniel who initially thought I was really 20 years old! Haha. He asked about my diet and lifestyle.  He said I am fairly healthy. My visceral fat is lower than my body fat and I have more muscle than fat which is ideal. There are cases of skinny people who have high visceral fat (fat inside the internal organs) which can only be expelled by taking chili peppers everyday. 
It is nice to know these things that can help us change our lifestyle. Oftentimes I feel guilty for not taking care much of my body like doing more physical work and being disciplined with food and cravings. 
The NuSkin AgeLoc Expo is open until tomorrow, 
Saturday from 11 am to 8pm
Visit the NuSkin Office at 15th Floor Octagon Center
San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas

What do you think is your body age?
Thank you for having me Nuffnang and Nu Skin Philippines!

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