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[Review] ANew Clinical Infinite Lift After 7 Days

August 24, 2015
My beauty life lately is all about trying the different products that brands are sending my way. I am not complaining. It is wonderful to try all the different stuff – and I mean good stuff especially from a brand trusted by women. 
Avon sent me a package containing Anew Clinical Infinite Lift. They probably know I am more interested in products that delay the aging process. 🙂

 What makes the product so interesting? It is not your ordinary serum packed in a tube. It has a roller on the tip that you glide on your skin to distribute the serum and massage your face. ANew Clinical Infinite Lift is the first in the market to combine a facial roller and serum in a packaging.

How to Use ANew Clinical Infinite Lift?

Turn the tube “ON” and squeeze a little amount of serum. 
Glide it upward your chin, cheek, jaw and jowl area.
Repeat the same in the other side of the face.
ANew Clinical Infinite Lift Active Ingredient

pol·y·pep·tide  (pŏl′ē-pĕp′tīd′)

“In the search for an anti-aging ingredient that would help give multidimensional looking results, Avon scientists turned towards peptides, a compound consisting of amino acids naturally found in skin. The result is the patent-pending PolyPeptide Lift Complex found in ANEW Clinical Infinite Lift”.

 ANew Clinical Infinite Lift Results and Review
  • I am surprised with how light and fresh my skin feels. 
  • I haven’t visited my derma clinic for months but the serum and roller give me a different lift.
  • My skin feels glowing even during stressful days (or maybe we can attribute that to my happy feelings too!)
  • The rolling process is so relaxing that it replicates the feeling of using a galvanic machine. 
My shameless selfie. Good morning! 
This is how I really look like in the morning 🙂
I don’t easily jump on trying new products especially anything that I put on my face and skin, but I was never wrong with the ANew Clinical Infinite Lift. I would recommend this product to women who wants to give their face/skin a lift and natural glow. 
 ANew Clinical Infinite Lift Results Php 1,499

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