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Joy Will Take You Further #TheWayIWalk

September 23, 2015

How do you walk? They say that I have this natural sway when I walk. The stride of the legs and the sway of the hips. It is girly-sexy. They tease me that my niece always tries to copy me even the way I walk. She is my number one fan (hi Lhana!). I try to always walk tall (literally and figuratively) and the same inspired me to open my travel blog – where I walk tall dot com

Well, the alcohol brand that always reminds us to keep walking, Johnny Walker recently launched a new campaign – Joy Takes us Further.

It is the common denominator that fueled successful athletes musicians, entrepreneurs and pop icons – happiness. It is the same feeling that kept me from doing the things that I love. I found joy in blogging or should I say, storytelling. 
Last Friday, Johnny Walker introduced two amazing Filipinos who would join the roster of Johnny Walker’s Global Influencers. 
Mountaineer Romi Garduce and musician, actress and blogger, Saab Magalona are among a growing number of people who epitomize a way of thinking that challenges the conventional wisdom that success leads to happiness. They actually celebrate the fact that happiness actually helps people achieve more. 
Romi Garduce has scaled the 7 highest summit on all continents and he really takes the walking and climbing literally. I wish I could be as brave as him to climb my first mountain. He is a scuba dive master, environmentalist, writer and motivational speaker who continues his career as IT professional. 
While Saab is not just a daughter of the most iconic personality – Francis M (oh, I miss FrancisM). She is an amazing woman who does a lot of things. She said it was her father that influences her to different music genre. I never knew Saab Magalona has a band “Cheats” and actually plays with her husband. Isn’t that a double bonus joy to be working with your loved one?

A little research about the happiness factor. Dr Matt Killingsworth, a US-based psychologist and scientist who studies human happiness acted as consultant for the campaign. 

He said “People sometimes think of happiness as a far-ff distant prize only to be won by their years of hard work or when they achieve conventional markers of success like a higher income or bigger house. But there is a growing body of evidence that enjoying happiness along the way makes success more likely”

The other Johnny Walker influencers are Jude Law, Eva Hakansson, Haas and Hahn, OK Go, Emil Areng, Montserrat Oliver, Jenson Button, Jim Beveridge and Blending Team. 
What brings you joy? What keeps you walking?

** All pictures taken using Lenovo Vibe Shot processed by VSCO app

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