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Shakey’s Among the Most Loved Brands in Asia

September 3, 2015
40 years ago, when Shakey’s opened its first branch, there’s a little expectation over the new pizza player in town. After decades and numerous branches, Shakey’s has established that it is brand that serves not just delicious pizza but also a place to make memories. Its stores have become everyone’s second home. 
As a timely addition to celebrating 40 years of success in the local food industry, Shakey’s is proud to announce that it has been voted one of Asia’s Top 1000 brands, placing 58th in the Philippines, as the results of a survey developed by Campaign Asia-Pacific in partnership with global information and insights provider Nielsen.

There’s no doubt that the success of Shakey’s is due to its ability to maintain the brand’s identity while continuously reinventing itself by updating its menu and its restaurant services through the years. As a restaurant with inviting interiors, friendly staff, and a dependable menu, Shakey’s has managed to maintain itself as a favorite in the food industry without compromising what it is about Shakey’s that its loyal fans truly love.
When we think of a good Thin-crust Pizza, it is Shakey’s that always comes to mind. Of course, there’s everyone’s favorite – Chicken N Mojo’s
As a brand that innovates, Shakey’s also offers new and exciting products to its loyal guests, like the very refreshing Shakey’s Mojito and Frozen Margarita cocktails available in select stores.
After 40 years and in the coming years, I am certain that people will always go to Shakey’s for good food and good time with friends!
Congratulations Shakey’s!
Thank you also to all the wonderful entries to the #ShakeysTimexRuthilicious contest! You guys are amazing! I wish I have your talent of editing. 
Look at these amazing entries! I love ’em all! Thank you guys!

I will check every entry guys, and will announce the winner this weekend! Thank you so, so much! I am so happy! Thank you for sharing how much you love Shakey’s! 
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