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Get HOOQ: How I Set Up My Own Theater Entertainment at Home

October 19, 2015

My very own home theater entertainment at home with HOOQ and Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with Projector.

I love watching movies, and I mean doing movie marathons. Although I love the experience of watching movies in the big screen; – oftentimes I prefer to stay at home, watch old movies and just totally relax in my home clothes.

I wish I have more time to waste my time watching movies though especially that I was recently introduced with HOOQ! 
Indeed, the Philippines has now its very own video streaming service that provides variety of both international and local TV shows and movies. HOOQ (pronounced as hook) offers 30,000 hours of content, including thousands of Hollywood films and Filipino-produced contents. 
I recently attended a HOOQ event where celebrities Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola were introduced as new brand ambassadors. 
That got me curious so I downloaded the app and went on to claim my 30-day trial. 
I got excited over the selection of TV shows available online. I actually stopped watching series because of the burden of waiting for them to be available in DVD or online. It was just a pain to not be able to watch TV because you have ever changing schedule. But with HOOQ, I can watch them anytime, anywhere or just when I have the time to watch them. Ha!
Thankful that I have some fancy gadgets with me to support my love for entertainment. 
How I Set-up My Own Theater Entertainment at Home

What you need:

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro tablet with Projector
Braven 440 Bluetooth Speaker
HOOQ application installed (you can get it from Apple Store or Google Play)

1. Download HOOQ and subscribe.
2. Connect Yoga 2 Pro tablet to Braven 440 Bluetooth Speaker
3.Open HOOQ application

4. Open the projector.
5. Browse through the selections of movies and TV shows.

Better experience with chips, popcorn and lots of Mug rootbeer!


What I think of HOOQ?
I am quite happy to see complete season of Friends and Smallville. With only a few days left of my subscription, I am hoping to finish them all. Haha. I am not expecting more recent movies and TV shows though. For a subscription fee of less than Php 150/month it is like paying for old movie video rentals. The speed of loading of the movie depends on your connection. I find it interesting to see collection of Tagalog/Filipino movies, so I might also watch them if I have time.
Php 150 for HOOQ subscription is quite a fair price for entertainment you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. 
PS. My Theater Entertainment System is portable too. You can bring it on glamping or staycations  🙂
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