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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Planner: 2016 Giving Journal

October 19, 2015
coffee bean 2016 planner

My favorite coffee shop, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf would make every tea and coffee lovers excited about the coming holidays as it gives flavorfully and introduces its 2016 The Giving Journal planner. 

coffee bean 2016 giving journal stamps
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf hopes to give flavorfully this season in ways that warm the soul as much as the body. The new edition of the Giving Journal is designed to inspire each individual to pursue their passions and find meaning and fulfillment in everyday moments while at the same time providing them with the opportunities to give back by helping others. 
A little history about Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, the idea started through a honeymoon of  Herbert and Mona Hyman when they toured Europe and tasted premium and unique coffee from different coffee shops. They were inspired to bring the idea to America and thus the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was born in California in 1963. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has originalized our favorite – Ice Blended Drink – that drink we call Frappuccino. Each store only infuses and brews high-grade coffee and teas (including Chai Tea Latte! yum!).

(1) The ever-beautiful Teresa Herrera hosted the event (2) Paolo del Rosario of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has partnered with REAL LIFE Foundation, the Giving Journal’s beneficiary to fulfill this tradition by supporting the educational needs of people who cannot afford to support their studies. During the launch of the 2016 The Giving Journal, we have seen a video of how grateful the beneficiaries are to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for helping them fulfill their dreams. They now have brighter and more positive outlook towards life. I love hearing their stories.

(1) Twinning with Kath, (2) Rodel just being creative, (3) Doing pacute pose with Yuki, (4) I with #KumareClub and our orange bags!

Aside from this advocacy, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has also partnered with Habitat for Humanity for various community projects. The brand also has a Caring Cup advocacy which helps in the livelihood of the communities of harvesters. 
During the launch last October 15th at the 26th Bistro, we were asked how we can give flavorfully. I thought I was giving flavorfully everyday but spreading positivity – online and offline. 
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and ARC Public Relations prepared exciting activities for us during the day to inspire us to be creative. 
I joined the Paper Cutting activity and it was such a struggle. I remember my sister used to do this kind of craft to create 3D pictures. I tried my hands on it but I have shaky hands (and now, sensitive eyes). I missed being creative and doing stuff like accessories, decoupage and other creative things.

I also joined the Hand Lettering Session with Michelle and Joie.

At the Water Color Station, I just adored Ava and Krissy’s creativity.

Krissy with Sadness

I was feeling hopeless about my skills but someone commented that I was so focused on all my work and “career” – I was like, yes “always doing my best” 🙂  Thank you for that pat on the back and encouraging words. I need that 🙂 
I know you guys are curious how to get your hands on the new 2016 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Planner. I will update this post once I get updates. For now, sharing the pages. 

coffee bean 2016 planner pages
coffee bean 2016 stamps planner
I love the cover of the Giving Journal which is made of traditional planner. The contrast of color of the elastic binder is a playful twist. I love that there are more pages and spaces for notes and creativity. There are designated pages for travel plans, goal settings and creativity. There are nice quotes at the bottom of the pages that inspire users to give flavorfully. There are also fun stickers that one can use to mark the best days of the best year! 
Thank you Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and ARC Public Relations for having me!
How to Get the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2016 Giving Journal?

Collect 12 stamps by purchasing:
– One Original Ice Blended
– One Tea Latte
– One Coffee or Espresso-based Beverage
– One Holiday-featured Beverage
– and Eight Drinks of your choice

Or buy a CBTL Single Beverage System
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