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Stories in Sauna and on Teacher’s Desk: Virgin Labfest Campus Tour

October 14, 2015
Imagine me clapping my hands, standing, smiling and feeling totally cultured while writing this post. 
The stage was yesterday, October 13 at the College of Saint Benilde, in De La Salle University for the last run of the Virgin Labfest. I missed the previous campus tours and I made sure that I got a seat to a theater feast yesterday (thank you to our friends from Pioneer Insurance and Fleishman Hillard).  I actually missed watching plays and theater acts. So today is an awesome day for me. 
Pioneer Insurance tied up with Tanghalang Pilipino to stage these plays in different universities. Pioneer Insurance has been a valuable supporter of arts and artistic community. As the Pioneer Insurance President, Lorenzo Chan, Jr shared – he understands that people think there is not much money in arts, and it is through their money they want to support the artists. It is also a great way to reach out to the millennials. 
We were treated to two powerful and entertaining plays. Somehow I feel that the both showed stories of hope. 
The first is a fun and engaging “Dalawang Gabi”. A typical story of an older woman who falls for her friend – who cannot reciprocate the love. Talked about #Friendzoned I love that the script was very conversational that one may not notice if the actors have missed a part or dialogue. It was light, entertaining and empowering. The ending reminded me of the time when I had to choose between YOLO vs my values. Haha. 
 The actors reminded us of the people we (Ruth F and Ana) personally knew. And we just cannot “unsee” the character anymore which made the play more interesting to watch. 🙂 
The second play called “Hinatayan ng Langit” is a work of a genius! It opened to a scene in a sauna – where an old woman meets her ex-lover. It took a little while for me to realize that they were in Purgatory and the woman waited for her ex-lover (for two years, until he died) so they can be together. Well, it wasn’t all roses when they met again. In the end, when it was her time to enter the gates of heaven, the two decided to… TADAH!!! Elope! That is the most kilig ending I have seen in a while!
The characters were played by real-life couple Nonoy Froilan and Edna Vida. I was starstruck!
“Hintayan ng Langit” made me think, laugh, love and be hopeful about love that we lost. Amazing story, interesting plot and entertaining actors. I highly recommend the play to everyone – regardless of age. I was even amazed when the playwright shared the story behind the story. It was during his grandmother’s wake that they met an old man that no one in his family and friends know. He was just there sitting and mourning with them. That inspired him to write the story. It was amazing.
Awesome time with Ana and Ruth F
Anyway, if you got inspired by this post or if you have stories of hope you want to share, join the Pioneer Stories of Hope Playwrighting Contest. 
Don’t know where to start?
I want to share what Ms. Edna Vida has shared to aspiring artist;

“Nothing is impossible. If you really like what you are doing, you can make it. Don’t go there if you don’t like it in the first place”

Makes a lot of sense. 
Check out this post for details on how to join. You can submit your entry until November 6, 2015 and get a chance to win Php 25,000. 

**All pictures taken using Lenovo Vibe Shot without filter. 

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