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Make the Best Happen with BPI

November 3, 2015
When I turned 18, I thought by the age of 25, I would be driving my own car and attend the coolest parties in town. The goal sounded so young. Apparently, when I was 24, I was managing a coffee shop, commuting and telling my favorite person on Earth that my life was not happening as I hoped it would be.

Since then, I stopped dreaming and started living. I do not have my own car, but I have so many life experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything. Life has been good to me. If there’s anything that I want to achieve in my life lifestyle, it is to stay fit. Not get fit because, like love, staying fit (in  love) is a greater challenge. (I sound so insightful there. Haha).

bpi make the best things happen launch

Everyone hopes to achieve something in life: explore the world, dine in the finest places, play sports, get fit and get good education. The big question is, how to start? When to start?
Bank of Philippine Islands recently embarked on a campaign to help people achieve their aspirations. During the launch of the campaign, Make the Best Happen, we got to experience and explore different lifestyle goals. 
I tried my hands on coloring which I think is a perfect bonding time with kids. But having kids is far from my plans now. I just enjoy my time with family especially mom.

I explored wine and good food.

.. and aimed to travel more. Looking back, I remember spending as much as Php 50,000 for a travel abroad (read about my Hongkong Trip – the only travel series I was able to complete! Haha) Now, I need to explore and innovate with my travels. 

bpi make the best things happen

My favorite booth was the fitness booth! 

“BPI empowers Filipinos to make the best of their life happen by providing innovative and accessible financial solutions. We strive to know and understand the individual circumstances and financial needs of our clients, then offer financial advice.” Cesar Consing, BPI President and CEO.

At the financial consulting booth, they asked us for our life goals. I thought traveling more – but I am already doing that. I just noted “buy my own house” with a goal of achieving it in 5 years. The assessment showed that a house which is worth 8M today (would be 10M in 5 years) would cost me Php 120,000 a month to achieve my goal.

bpi make the best things happen

That kind of makes me think. I was living my life as it is. Not thinking of anything..because, we have a house, we can sustain our needs and we can do the things that we want (having the time is the biggest challenge). Call me financially independent? Maybe I am smart spender. I have learned from my experiences. But BPI Make the Things Happen campaign makes me think more about today than my future.

The forces of universe does know how to help me achieve my goal (to be fit!). I won a Garmin VivoFit Fitness Band in the raffle! Woot! Thank you BPI!

BPI truly knows how to make things happen. We are BPI accounts holder and we are happy with the services that they provide – the ease in going to the bank, securing bank certificates (read how I secured my UK Visa in 3 days!), etc.

Visit to know more about the campaign or watch the video:

What’s the one goal that you want to achieve?

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