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Wingstop Asian Flavors

November 13, 2015
There is always something comforting about eating chicken. It is probably because it reminds me of childhood (when Chicken was once the greatest food in the world next to Sinigang!).
But we cannot just eat them always plain and simple. Thankfully there’s Wingstop in the Philippines. Born in Texas USA, Wingstop is a proud flavor company boasting with 10 unique flavors of chicken wings. And now adding a little more flair and fun to the menu are the Asian Flavors! 

Just side stories about my love for Wingstop. It has become our favorite go-to place when we want Chicken and Beer (a tradition started by our Guam-y Bears – the friends I was with during my #RuthGoestoGuam trip).

Then of course, #nognoginthecity’s fave chicken place (LOL). He knows every Wingstop branch and location! We once had human vs chicken wings session a few months ago. We ate it without rice. Who do you think won?
What I love about Wingstop is the variety of flavors available in the menu.  There’s something to set your tongue on fire, satisfy your sweet tooth or just make you crave for more. 
I personally love the Garlic Parmesan and Louisiana Rub.
Adding to the roster of flavors are Korean Soy, Spicy Soy, Honey Garlic and Honey Barbeque.
Wingstop infused the bold flavors of soy and garlic into the comforting tastes of honey and barbeque. 
wingstop spicy soy
wingstop honey bbq
(sorry no picture of Korean Soy :))
We had a little party last Wednesday and we were even treated with free drinks! Woot! 
Just like pizza, I just couldn’t enjoy my chicken wings without soda or beer.
We also had some delicious side dishes of nachos, fries and onion rings.
My favorite from the Asia Flavors is the Honey Barbeque. It is a balance of sweetness with a hint of tangy and spicy flavor. There’s a perfect crunch when you take a bite and the flavor goes deeper down to the white meat. Perfect as it is or with chipotle rice. 
After the chicken wings feast. I quick snap shot taken using my Lenovo Vibe Shot. 
Have you tried the new Asian Flavors from Wingstop?
Which one is your favorite?
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