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From Beauty Experts: How to Take Your Look from Good to Great

December 2, 2015
I love that more and more Filipinas are getting more experimental with ther hair – from sporting different hairstyles and cut to wearing bold and bright colors- we all wear different crowns.
The biggest hair problem is dry, frizzy hair.
Thankfully, Cream Silk, the country’s number 1 conditioner is here to the rescue. 

Early this afternoon, Cream Silk showed us how we can double up on beauty and freely experiment with hair as it highlights Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner Packed with two times nutrients.
I personally love the Cream Silk leave-on conditioner that I can carry in my bag and apply for a quick hair fix.
The event was held in Gramercy Bar. Super love the displays in the waiting room.

with Anagon, Artsy Ava, Couch Wasabi (and she reminds me of Roch!) and Kikay Si Kat!
What is spotlight! Haha
But as we all know looking great doesn’t end with nice hair. We need to feel beautiful overall. This is why, Cream Silk collaborated with four top beauty experts to share their insider tips on how to look great.
Agoo Bengzon is a beauty editor for 15 years and she has probably worn every hair color you have imagined. She shared that aside from beautiful hair, it is a must to have a nice shaped eyebrows (I am listening!). She uses reliable eyebrow powder and liquid eyebrow liner to create full brows. 
Pewee Reyes-Isidro on the other hand is in the fashion industry for 13 yeras (and counting). She’s a fashion-editor for Mega Magazine. Her tip on how to double up the look when someone is wearing the same outfit? She says, complement your beautiful hair with skinny scarf. You can even tie it in your waist or use as a choker.
Rissa Mananquil-Trillo (who I only get to see in Cosmopolitan along with Joey Mead!) is a former model and owner of local makeup brand  Happy Skin. Her tip to double up your beauty, “pair your beautiful hair with lip and cheek mousse that works doubly hard to treat both your lips and cheeks with long lasting velvety color”

And of course, Randy Santiago, who is the man behind the most fab hairstyles of biggest names in Philippine show business. He demonstrated how one can instantly double up their look with fun and easy hair styles.
I remember I used to be very experimental and fun with my hair. I always wear my hair down because that’s the safest and more practical for someone like me who do alot of different stuff and always out.
During the event, Cream Silk gave us this lovely gift with each Beauty Expert’s top pick! As Sarah Meier announced it “an Oprah moment” indeed!
What’s Inside?
Cream Silk Daily Treatment Dry Rescue Conditioner, Happy Skin Lip & Cheek Mousse, K Palette Eyebrow Pencil and Zarah Scarf!
(yup beauty experts’ top picks!)
Super thoughtful gift! Thank you Cream Silk! I seriously need more conditioner in my life because I just had my hair colored and treated. Read about it here. 
I am so excited to use these items and double up on my beauty by first taking care of my skin (and that means getting enough sleep!) Hehe.
That’s it for tonight guys! Tomorrow comes another adventure!
I had a lovely afternoon with Ana and Ava even if we were feeling a bit like Tita today. 
How do you double up on your beauty?
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