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How to Stay in Shape When Traveling with MySlim Yerba Drink

March 20, 2016

I love the words that came out of my mom’s mouth as soon as I came home from a week of travel in Barcelona

“You lost weight”.
Yes (!!!) I was successful with my goal. 

How to Stay in Shape When Traveling.

Traveling can expose us to a lot of different new flavors and cuisine. As an explorer and traveler, we are open to indulge in whatever is in our plate – especially if it was prepared and offered by our gracious host. I had a gastronomic feast while in Barcelona. But how did I stay in shape (and even lose weight) while traveling?

1. Say No to Rice. 
I seriously missed my rice during my adventure in Barca. We, Filipinos love our rice and we eat rice in every meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually eat two cups of rice in a meal (or even more!) but during my travel, I mostly eat steak and meat. 
Truth be told, I did miss my rice. But I started with brown rice as soon as I got back. During travel, I got my carbo from bread and pasta but I easily burn them because… 
2. I did a lot of walking.

Although we have ground transportation service and taxi is fairly affordable in Barca, walking around the conference hall and around the city really help in burning my stored fat 😀 As soon as I got back in Manila, I even joined a fun run. The secret is to keep it going. #neverstandstill

3. I watch what I eat.

I try to eat a balanced diet even when traveling. I go for more greens and fruits. I actually missed eating banana in the morning during breakfast – so I just usually had peaches and watermelon. 

4. I drink green tea at night. 

I started to appreciate tea more during my travel because of the cold weather. I usually drink it at night before going to bed which (probably) helps in my digestion. Note that I drink green tea because black and oolong teas have more caffeine than your average cup of coffee. 
5. I detox with MySlim Yerba Drink
One bottle is all you need in a week to detox and cleanse your body. I first started drinking MySlim Yerba last year and I do drink a bottle when I feel like I need to detox.

It aids with the regular movement. The ingredients are BFAD approved and all-natural, including yerba mate (green mate leaf extract). Yerba mate safely helps in weight loss and increases ones energy and metabolism.
I love that MySlim is sugar-free – but is strawberry flavoured! It uses Palatinose as sweetener, a naturally derived sucrose that controls release of glucose in the blood for stable energy.  MySlim also contains the highest form of L-Carnitine: Carnipure which converts your fat to usable energy. I recommend that it is taken once or twice a day – the most.

I love that MySlim Yerba Drink now comes in sachet which I can easily bring anywhere I go. I drink it with caution though because the first time I drank it, I felt like it expelled all my toxins in my body. I had to take it when I know I have access to a clean toilet – absolutely not before or when flying 🙂

MySlim  200mL bottle at Php 89 
MySlim sachets (Php 276 / box of 4)
MySlim capsules (Php 540 / 30 capsules)

Now I can say, I am summer-ready! 

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