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The End of Chinese Miracle: The Great Wall is Falling Down?

March 21, 2016
The Great Wall of China and my epic climb to the wall are the best stories I could think of when I hear about China.
I had the great opportunity to visit China (Beijing) twice. It is such a beautiful city! The truth is, I see and breathe China’s influence and rich culture even when I am living miles away from the world’s most populous country. Filipinos celebrate Chinese New Year, we put good faith in charms and gems that hopefully can bring us good luck and we buy products that are made in China.

I was browsing through stories about China (to prepare myself to write about #RuthGoestoBeijing adventures) when I came across this interesting documentary from Financial Times – an organization which provides news, documentaries and data analysis to its global audience. 
The documentary entitled “The End of the Chinese Miracle” shows how China’s once rich and stable economy is starting to slow down as companies start to relocate their factories to other Southeast Asian Countries because of lower labor costs. We might probably got used to seeing “made in China” on products like clothing, bags and accessories (even for branded items); but recently, we are seeing competition from countries like Vietnam and Maldives. It kind of make me feel like the Great Wall of China is falling down. 
It makes me realize that workers (from which ever part of the world they are) have the same needs, wants and expectations. It all boils down to story of survival. But will the world ever survive when we are facing the end of the Chinese miracle?
Watch the video and let me know on the comments section what you think.  
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