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Fun and #GoodWeird Way to (Get Lost) and Tour Barcelona: Go Car Talking Tour

May 20, 2016
go car barcelona
When in Barcelona, we discovered a #goodweird way to tour the city – via the Go Car Talking Tour!

The original plan was to drive a vintage car around the city.  Our lovely host, #YZ asked for our driving license – and I was partly sad because (TENEN!) I am not driving. When we finally all arrived in Barcelona  (our crew consisted of influencers from different parts of the globe), it was announced that we would instead drive a different car. 
This. Car. 
go car barcelona
(exclamation points!!!!)
I would have wanted to drive but a driver’s license is required. So all the ladies decided to stay in the passenger seat while the boys do the wheels.

product shots here and there 🙂

go car barcelona blog

Go Car Talking Tour is like your ATV ride with GPS system  talk about stories and sights around you. 
You can choose from different packages or route. You can check Go Car Talking Tours routes
We took  the Gaudi tour (but I think what we had was a special arrangement because of our very busy schedule :D).

go car barcelona blog

Before we took the seat and the wheels, we first got to know Gaudi. He is a #goodweird architect who first worked with curves and different styles while everyone during his time were working with fine lines. He was actually following a mathematical system to design his work. Such a genius. 

The presentation was conducted via the Yoga 3 Tablet with Projector. 

Then. Off. We. Drove around the City!

go car barcelona blog
go car barcelona blog
My partner, Allan from Brazil

I love how cool and exciting it was to drive around the city with all the other cars and pedestrians looking at you as if you were a superstar (yes we were!). I did live #periscope that morning. It was fun to share the experience with live viewers. I had to stop broadcasting live when we finally got to Sagrada Familia. It was time for me to live the moment.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was seeing a great work which started in 1800 and is still under construction. It was magical. I thought Hogwarts was real!!!

Sagrada Familia
go car barcelona blog
We parked our Go Car and we got closer to Sagrada Familia! Look who was excited!
gaudi tour go car barcelona
gaudi tour go car barcelona
gaudi tour go car barcelona
gaudi tour go car barcelona
After our quick visit (and gazillion shoots). It was time to check out other Gaudi’s work.

We, however lost our friends when we made a stop on a stoplight. We probably got hypnotized by the beautiful city that is Barcelona. The Go Car Talking Tour doesn’t have pre-programmed routes for you (unlike Waze or Google Maps). You choose your own adventure and we did!

gaudi tour go car barcelona

Thankfully there’s WhatsApp and my 4G connection via Vodafone,  we tracked our friends who were already driving around the city. I used Waze (while Allan preferred Google Maps) to get to their destination but everytime we got to the place, they were already driving to another tourist spot. Thankfully, they sent two teams to find us. 
I thought we looked cool being the only yellow car driving around Barcelona. Haha. 
When they finally found us, the GPS help started telling stories again. 
We passed interesting places like La Ramblas. I got too excited because I remember seeing it from Meteor Garden. Haha. 
Our guides (two hot girls) guided us back to the station where our private bus was waiting. We then headed to explore other places. 
Again, our special tour was pre-arranged for our group because of our schedule. But if you will book a day tour, you can explore other places and take pictures of Gaudi’s work in Barcelona. 
La Pedrera

It is an interesting building that has been a reference point in world architecture. It is a museum which also houses stores outside. There’s a fine bakeshop outside it which sells yummy sweet bars. 

gaudi tour go car barcelona
Park Gueli
gaudi tour go car barcelona
La Rambles

It is the most popular strip in Barcelona which has stores, cafes and restaurants. There are vendors in the middle of the strip which sells flowers, souvenir and other knick knacks. We spent two nights here in La Ramblas and it can get really crowded. Be cautious though because there are many pick pockets in the area. At night, I found some people selling imitation bags and shoes in La Rambles (very much like the flea market in Manila and Divisoria). 

I super enjoyed riding the Go Car and I recommend it to those who are visiting Barcelona. A little bit pricey? Well, you pay for the experience and hey, the people from Go Car are really nice and cool. Thank you for having us!

Shout out to my Lenovo family and EMEA influencers who were with me during this amazing adventure! Thank you for making me a part of Mobile World Congress #lenovomwc
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