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Hukad sa Golden Cowrie, Trinoma: From Cebu to Manila

June 28, 2016
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma

Hukad sa Golden Cowrie is bringing Cebu’s favorite dishes as it opens its first branch in Manila. 
It was truly a festive experience as I visited the newly opened Hukad store in Trinoma Mall.

hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
I found my nest and prepared myself for lunch – a feast which was prepared by one of the best restaurants in Cebu. I was served with a cup of rice by a girl roaming around the restaurant carrying a pot (in its true native container). It gave me a hint that Hukad is offering eat-all-you-can-rice or unlimited rice – living up to its name Hukad, which means limitless serving of food. 
Golden Cowrie traces its origin in 1982 when its pioneer outlet was opened in Lahug. The brand Hukad was developed in 2008 as a handle for the mall–based branches of Golden Cowrie. 
I first tried the Crispy Pata (People’s Choice for Best Crispy Pata in a Sunstar Cebu newspaper survey). Crispy and flavorful even without sauce and dips. 
Even if the big serving of Crispy Pata was calling my name. I opted for a healthier option. I am giving a thumbs up to the Sinigang Baby Prawns which has a perfect sour and savory taste. It is served hot with all the rightful ingredients that make the perfect sinigang. There are only a few restaurants which can perfect a Sinigang na Hipon. One of them is Hukad and I am recommending this dish. 
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
The open kitchen in Hukad restaurant is a delightful invitation to try Cebu’s finest.
The Cebu’s Lechon Belly has a distinct lemongrass flavor which is also good on its own without the usual lechon sauce. 
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
Aside from the usual Filipino favorites, Hukad also serves Vegetarian Sisig and Bloodless Dinuguan (made of tofu). 
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
If you are bringing your balikbayan or Foreigner friends, order the Balut Sisig (a more friendly way to introduce the exotic food, Balut). There’s also Oxtail Humba and Baked Bantayan Scallops for a different take on Filipino Food. 
On the side, you can enjoy the Adobong Talong (officially my favorite! I wish they added bagoong on the side) and Pomelo Salad. I love the kick of pomelo salad that cleanses the palettes and prepares me to another exotic flavor. 
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
For dessert, we love the Budbud Turon and Ube Halaya Crisp Ala Mode.  I am not much a fan of native kakanin but the twist on Turon flavor is something that I welcome 🙂 The Ube Halaya, on the other hand, is a delectable sweet that is best enjoyed when shared 🙂 (yes, big serving!!!)
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
Hukad’s food serving is generous that one plate seems like a legit feast. 

“Our serving sizes are good for sharing that ‘s why in Hukad, it is always a feast. We use local ingredients like scallops fresh from Bantayan Island of Northern Cebu. We also have local partners in towns known for their organic production of various ingredients such as Dalaguete (Cebu’s Vegetable Basket). – Kenneth Kokseng, General Manager.
I love the homey interior of Hukad – simple and traditional. There are native pieces around the restaurant to make guests feel the authentic Cebu atmosphere in the city. The ceiling mirrors tree branches resemble a jigsaw puzzle. While the iconic heart-shaped lamps symbolizes Cebuanos craftmanships and ingenuity. I love that there’s a touch of Cebu even in Hukad’s interior which was designed by Hannah Lim of HL Designs. 
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
Hukad and Golden Cowrie has 24 locations across the country. Eight of which are company-owned while 16 are franchised. To maintain the consistency of the recipe standards, each product is supplied and produced by the commissary which follows quality controls. The Hukad store in Trinoma is a franchise of Howard Dee who is a regular customer in Hukad, Cebu. 
Hukad sa Golden Cowrie Promo
Check out the Sulit Meals at Php 149 promo.
Available from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 
Feast Bundles – pre-set menus good for 4 which starts at Php 1,399. 
You may also book your event at Hukad Trinoma branch as it can accommodate 98 guests with function room that can accommodate 24 pax. 
hukad sa golden cowrie trinoma
Hukad sa Golden Cowrie
Instagram @alwaysafeast
What is your favorite from Hukad?
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