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Connect to 7-Eleven WIFI For Free + Earn Rewards with the New CLiQQ Mobile App!

July 8, 2016
connect to 7 eleven wifi
I always find comfort and safety whenever I see a 7-Eleven store in an unknown place. It is like one of the perfect meet up places or point of location whenever you find yourself lost. 
What is the better deal? 7-Eleven lets you easily connect to their WIFI for FREE with the new CLiQQ Mobile App

How to Connect to 7-Eleven WIFI Zone?

7 eleven cliqq mobile app

1. The CLiQQ Mobile App is available for download via IOS and Google Play. 
2. You just need to register or sign in via Facebook or your mobile number. 
3. When you are in the store, you just simply connect to the 7-Eleven WIFI hotspot and use your FREE 700 MB WIFI Rewards. 
4. To load up your WIFI Rewards, you just simply make a purchase worth Php 50 or more. 
This is really convenient especially if lost your data connection. I remember one time, I had my friend dropped me off at 7-Eleven in Morayta on her way home so I can book my UBER. It was 12 midnight and the streets were dark (it was like a scene in a horror movie). The 7-Eleven team adopted me, but I had a hard time connecting my data. I had to ride an old cab. The guard was very nice though to help me with my stuff. Now this CLIQQ App and 7-Eleven WIFI would be very helpful in times like this. 

Trying out the new Slurpee flavors! Photo by Kuya Slurpee! 😀
connect to 7 eleven wifi

How to Earn Rewards with CLIQQ Mobile?
1. Log in to your CLIQQ Mobile App. 
2. Purchase Php 50 worth or more and show the loyalty bar code to earn your points. 
You can then use your points to claim rewards via the CLiQQ Rewards Catalog at 7-Eleven stores or share the rewards points with friends or send them gift items which they can later on claim at any 7-Eleven stores. 
7 eleven cliqq mobile app
7 eleven cliqq mobile app
We got to test and play how these functions work during the launch of CLIQQ Mobile App yesterday at the Ascott Hotel, BGC (where we also transferred to 7-Eleven store). 
connect to 7 eleven wifi
connect to 7 eleven wifi
In the 7-Eleven stores, you can find a CLiQQ Kiosk where you can load and e-pins, pay bills and add cash to e-money accounts.
The CLiQQ mobile app also enables customers to know more about 7-Eleven’s latest promos and offers via the News & Promos tab. Download it now, the 7-Eleven Day is coming on July 11th! You can also share and send feedback about the app via the Send Feedback button. I tried it because the app was crashing on the iPad that they lent me . I immediately received a response via my email. Tip that the CLiQQ mobile app works best with smartphones 🙂 

For more information on the 7-Eleven CLiQQ loyalty program, visit

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