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The New Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza #BaconEffect

July 20, 2016
bacon crispy thins pizza greenwich
Bacon lovers unite! Greenwich has decided to make bacon the star of its latest pizza, the Bacon Crispy Thins!
It is still a mystery (to me) how bacon has started to gain worldwide following. I feel that if there is anything that people all over the world would agree on, it is the love for bacon. It is a funny thought that my basis for the best hotel breakfast would be how good the bacon is. Imagine how satisfying it is to take a crunchy bite and savor the flavor of the favorite cured meat (never mind the cholesterol). 
To launch the new Bacon Crispy Thins, Greenwich prepared a baconized lunch for foodies, bloggers and media partners (and certified bacon lovers) through the creation of Chef Ed Bugia + we we even got to prepare our own Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza!

Greenwich Barkada Yassi, Andre, and Jerome joined the event

bacon crispy thins pizza greenwich
Baked Potato Cream Cheese Soup with Bacon
I wish I could request for second serving 🙂 
Cream Cheese and Bacon Pouttine with Caramelized Onions, Apples and Chives

bacon crispy thins pizza greenwich
 Bacon Deviled Eggs
I can seriously eat everything on that platter but saving space for pizza!
Greenwich Pizzeria was transformed into an “almost” fine dining restaurant. 
We were even served with a shooter to cleanse our palate before the main course. 
Cheers! Hello @pickiesteater and @askmewhats
For the main course, we had…
Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza!

bacon crispy thins pizza greenwich
bacon crispy thins pizza greenwich
I love pizza and bacon and I couldn’t ask for more. The Bacon Crispy Thins is a limited edition pizza with bacon, cream cheese, mozzarella, ham and mushrooms on a thin crust. I love the rich cheese flavor and the crunchy, savory kick of bacon in the gooey texture of the crust. You can forget about your diet and that’s the #BaconEffect on me. 

 We were also served with Wacky Wings Chicken and Lasagna (for me!)
Nikki and I love the Greenwich chicken because it is like home-cooked chicken (not too fancy and just perfect for Pinoy homes). 
The special treat is that we even got to prepare our own Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza!!!
bacon crispy thins pizza greenwich

My Bacon Crispy Thins Creation. 
bacon crispy thins pizza greenwich

While we were waiting for the pizza, we were served with Cream Cheese Ice Cream with Candied Bacon. The flavor is so rich – it is like eating a slice of cheese cake with an interesting bacon flavor!
bacon crispy thins pizza greenwich
Hello Den!!!
bacon crispy thins pizza greenwich
Team Yellow 🙂
with Nikki Tiu (neighbor and fellow IBM girl Haha)

The Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza will be sold in Greenwich Branches nationwide at a starting price of Php 220 from July to September 30th or until supplies last. 
It is National Bacon Lover’s Day on August 20th so watch out for more exciting news from Greenwich! Follow and @greenwichpizza on Instagram and Twitter. Post your Bacon Crispy Thins experience with hashtag #baconeffect.  

Thank you so much and congratulations Greenwich and Team Bridges PR for another fun event!

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