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The Return of Shakey’s Monday Madness

July 24, 2016
Where did the weekend go? If you find yourself dreading Mondays, here’s a reason to be excited about tomorrow and all the Mondays of August – Shakey’s is bringing back Monday Madness.
Shakey’s is truly the perfect place for creating great memories with our favorite food like Thin Crust Pizza, Mojo’s and Fried Chicken. Now Monday is the new favorite day with the Chicken & Mojos Monday Madness Promo.

An exclusive offer for all SuperCard holders, the promo entitles card owners to discounts on all Chicken ’N’ Mojos packs on the following Mondays – July 25, 2016 and August 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2016. To be enjoyed alone or shared with family and friends, the Shakey’s Monday Madness promo is taking 40% off on the prices of the Solo (3pcs), Buddy (5pcs), Family (7pcs), Party (12pcs) and Blowout (20pcs) packs. Only available for dine-in transactions, 

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