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Current Faves: #MorethantheUsual Snacks

August 12, 2016

current faves

Current Faves: #MorethantheUsual Snacks

So this is the current bed situation. I am spending downtime in my room for days after my visit to Coron. I am nursing my bruise (a little souvenir from Palawan 😀 More on that on the next post). 
 I tried my best to write about the tour, the story and the fun that I had during the 3-day trip. But I cannot seem to make the feelings translate into words. 
I thought I would just share my current favorite snacks – and what’s making me FAT!
These are not your usual snacks. My current favorites:
Pops and Chips from Granny Goose. My mom keeps on reminding me to take it easy on this but it is just so addicting! #MorethantheUsualSnack – it is popped and not fried. 
pops and chips granny goose

If you guys are not doing anything tomorrow, please do swing by Trinoma Activity Center for the #MorethantheUsual event and try Sip n Gogh activity. Try something #MorethantheUsual
5 Star Chocolates from Cadbury. There’s something about the taste and texture of this chocolate bar that got me addicted. It is weird. I don’t easily get excited over chocolates but 5 Star sure got me. The fun part – the wrapper has challenges that you and your friends can do.
5 star cadbury
5 star cadbury
Percy Pig Gummy Candies. Move over worms and bears – these cute pig gummies are so adorable. I seriously don’t want to eat ’em. 
percy pig
Anthon Berg Liqour Chocolates. Now this is where I get my alcohol fix. Just kidding. I am not a drinker and I only love liqour and liquers when they are mixed with chocolates.  I have unearthed them from my luggage last weekend. I totally forgot about them!!! I wonder what other stuff I have in my luggage? 
Anthon Berg Liqour Chocolates
Current Faves would be a new section on this blog. Check out last week’s Current Faves. 

Which of these snacks have you tried?
What are your current favorite snacks? Share them on the comment box below. 

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