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Funny Face Yoga with Snow Caps: Benefits and Finding Joy from Within

September 13, 2016
funny face yoga snow caps benefits vivien tan

Funny Face Yoga: Benefits and Finding Joy from Within 

We all want to be the better versions of ourselves. 

How does one do it? We take care of our body, we surround ourselves with positive people, we think happy thoughts, we eat healthier and we laugh harder. At least that’s how I do it.
One of the trusted glutathione brands in the Philippines,  Snow Caps Glutathione advocates #BetterMe campaign. To better communicate the message, Snow Caps hosted a fun event through a Funny Face Yoga with Vivien Tan. 

The Sage Bar of Makati Shangrila was transformed into a holistic haven as they asked us to wear silk kimono and espadrilles for the special face yoga exercise.

funny face yoga snow caps benefits vivien tan
funny face yoga benefits vivien tan
funny face yoga snow caps benefits vivien tan
funny face yoga snow caps benefits vivien tan

Geisha Off Duty 🙂 with Christine and Ana

Vivien hosted the demo and guided us through different kinds of exercises – breathing exercises, kissing exercises and eye exercises.  I only needed to look at Vivien to know that Face Yoga does wonders. She is fine, beautiful and full of positivity. She started modeling at the age of 12 and she is immersed in the world of fashion and beauty. She understood the pressure that women have put on themselves – to be the perfect woman, wife and mother. Through her journey as a woman and wife – she learned that her and society’s definition of beauty turned out to be unreal. She learned yoga as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher – which biggest learning is finding joy from within.

funny face yoga snow caps benefits vivien tan
funny face yoga snow caps benefits vivien tan

funny face yoga snow caps benefits vivien tan
My Kilay! Thank you Rodel for the snaps!

I personally love doing a facial yoga to prevent age lines. Although I don’t get to do it as often as I want.  I love the new exercises that she introduced to us especially the kissing and eye exercises. I tend to forget about my eyes especially that I always work in front of the computer or mobile phone. 
funny face yoga snow caps benefits vivien tan

We got a guest!
As featured in @japaninmanila #japaninmanila
Photo grabbed from @rodelflordeliz

We were a bit hesitant to make fun and silly faces (we didn’t even use the fan to cover our faces!) but through laughing and just enjoying ourselves, we felt more relaxed and we created a joy from within – and from such joy we created beauty. A beautiful mindset that reminded me that it is okay to look silly and to laugh at yourself (remember the time how I laugh at myself for slipping in the Kayangan Lake bridge? I just laugh at everything that is happening in my life. It keeps me young :)) This new experience help me be a better version of myself. 
Finding ways to be a better version of ourselves is the same advocacy that Snow Caps wishes to impart . Snow Caps is one of the leading Glutathione brands in the Philippines and although we understand that beauty comes from within, we need to take care of our skin to feel confident and happy about ourselves. 
Snow Caps contains glutathione from Kohjin Lifescience Tokyo Japan and it has 50% more glutathione content than any other expensive brands. You can read my review about Snow Cap Glutathione over here. 
Benefits of Facial Yoga
1. It is free! You don’t need to pay thousands for a botox and filler 🙂
2. It is natural and organic. No need to worry about allergies and chemical reactions from different skin care products. 
3. It is the best anti-aging thing! Facial Yoga helps prevent lines and wrinkles. I really wish to continue this regularly.
4. It makes you feel relaxed. I was surprised with how light I felt after the Funny Face Yoga and it somehow released the tension especially in my neck and shoulders. 
5. Tones muscles especially in the neck where the first sign of aging is seen. 
6. Makes you feel good about yourself. If you look good, you feel good. Oftentimes, you cannot fake confidence 🙂

Had fun with these girls after the event. I am starting to turn into a crafty monster 😀 Haha

For more information about Snow Caps, follow the Snow Caps Facebook Fanpage.
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