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Weekend Project: Star Fairy Bread

February 7, 2017
Weekend Project: Star Fairy Bread 
At the age of 20-something, my mom still prepares packed meals for me. Okay, that was some 3 years ago when I was still working in a corporate. Imagine me in business casual attire and my favorite Lock-and-Lock food storage container. 

Love thinking of the good life. My mom always wants to make sure I eat healthy. Bringing packed meals also help me financially. I was able to save time and money. 

Mommies are real fairy godmothers who would do magic for their kids. For kids, however, they do not understand (yet) the value of eating prepared meals or baons. Thankfully, Star Margarine came up with #StarFairyBread that makes preparing and eating sandwiches a lot more enjoyable.

Do you remember those rainbow-colored bread and sandwiches that they serve during kids birthday parties? Now, we can re-create healthier versions of Fairy Breads. 

The STAR Margarine is packed with 10 vitamins and minerals that help in your child’s complete development. Not sure if it makes your kids TALLER though. I always joke around that Star Margarine was tested to me 🙂

Star Margarine comes with sprinkles in four designs – stars, flowers, Chirstmas tress and classic sprinkles. I am feeling a little creative and playful this morning, so this happened:

To make a #StarFairyBread, just follow the super easy steps below:
1. Toast bread. You can use pandesal or normal loaf bread. 
2. Use cookie cutters to cut fun shapes. 
3. Spread Star Margarine evenly. 
4. Sprinkle colorful sprinkles on top. 
5. Serve and enjoy!

This is super easy and fun to do! A great mom-kid bonding experience. 
Take photos of your creations and post on social media with a hashtag #StarFairyBread and tag @OfficialStarMargarine. You might get a chance to win a Star Fairy Bread kit!

I decided to reconnect with my creative self with a new blog section: weekend project. Keep following!

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