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Current Faves: New Room Decors

November 2, 2017
Philips Colored LED Bulb Review Philippines
I was looking forward to just staying home and treat myself to Netflix marathon this Halloween but I decided to stay productive. I did another room clean up and re-arranged some items in my room. 
I actually just want to stay minimalist, but it is getting harder and harder each time I receive quirky stuff and gifts from friends and brands. The sentementalist in me reconnected with my creative side. 
I have a really small space which is occupied by press kits and #bloggermails. 😀 But my room will always be my safe place, my sanctuary. I want to keep things private in my room, so you would never see it in this blog or any of my Instagram stories. I guess, I can only share my room with someone I want to get intimate with. 
But, sharing some photos and stories of the new additions in my room. 
Mantra Boards

Philips Colored LED Bulb Review Philippines
When I saw these boards a few weeks ago, I knew I want them. @rodelflordeliz and @kumagcow were not convinced. They said that they can just print these on canvass and frame them. But I would need time, materials and wood to do such. 
A few days ago, I decided to go back to Robinson’s Galleria and bought 4!!!  Because #WhatRuthWantsRuthGets 😛I just hang 3 to give my plain wall a new look. 
Fave Knick Knacks I am Keeping in My Desk

Philips Colored LED Bulb Review Philippines
 I want to keep things minimal in my room. I decided to keep these things – my fave Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol Artwork, Fave Mug (I got in 2005!) Braven Speaker, the Alarm Clock from @oishi, Photo Frame from Anne Curtis (I got during this event) with quote from her fave book “The Giving Tree” and colored buckets to keep my pens (I have a lot! why!?) and printed photos from events!
(hello @rodelflordeliz, @rodmagaru, @artsyava!) 😊
I am also keeping just one stuffed toy in my bed – a teddy bear. All the others are now boxed. 
Framed “Make Me a Paper Doll”
kenji nunez artwork
I decided to just frame this gift I got from Rodel instead of “cutting myself” Hehe. Now I need a frame stand so I can keep it in my bedside table. I don’t keep a framed photo of myself in my room (I don’t even care about my profile photo 😮 ), but I want to display this one because this is extra creative. 
I got the frame from @paperstoneph which actually came with a nice printed quote. I am keeping the poster for a different purpose and using the frame to keep the Make Me a Paperdoll Digital Artwork (art work by @kenjinunez).
LED Colored Bulbs from Philips!

So, Philips Philippines sent me these… 

Philips Colored LED Bulb Review Philippines
… and a house! 💡💡💡💡
Philips Colored LED Bulb Review Philippines
My mom is more excited about them. Haha. 
Truly, lights set the mood of the house. It helps with productivity, efficient interaction and comfort (the reason why restaurants use warm lights to give us nice glow and make us more beautiful for our date) 💑
We use Philips at home. A bit more expensive but can last for years. Philips sent me Philips SceneSwitch LED Bulb which has 3 different settings – bright light, natural light and cozy warm light. There is also Deco Classic LED Bulb which is perfect for both decorative and mood lighting. It has a dimmable function which creates different mood at home. 
But my ultimate favorites are the Philips LED Colored Bulbs! Since fairy lights are so hard to find, and I have my @moodboardmanila bulb to keep me in my fairy mood, I decided to just add fun colors to my room (okay would need tatay’s help on this). I tested it on our dining area and it just so cool! Love the the vibrant color and its effect! It comes in 4 colors – blue, yellow, red and green!
Philips Colored LED Bulb Review Philippines
Philips Colored LED Bulbs can last up to 15,000 hours!
It is perfectly safe from hazardous chemicals such as lead and mercury. 

Philips Colored LED Bulb Review Philippines
Moodboard Manila
Philips Colored LED Bulb Review Philippines
Printed Memories
I found the old stack of photos I printed with Instax Printer. I noticed that some of them have faded but I still thought of hanging and displaying them in my room.  They are mostly my photos with my closest friends (which reminds me I need time to catch up with everyone). 
I always see Instax as something only for couples. Haha.. But I am thinking of using my Instax Camera on my next travel. 📸 Do you guys know how to preserve the print? 
Anyway, that’s all for a quick update. 
Hope you all are having a great week!

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