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I Fell In Love with the Sights, Sounds and Stories of Siargao (Movie Review)

December 22, 2017
siargao the movie review

When I think of Siargao, I always picture this as an island which is chill yet lively. Siargao is the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. 

I got the chance to see what Siargao is all about through the Metro Manila Film Fest movie entry directed by Paul Soriano. More than seeing the beautiful island, the movie taught/reminded us of different life lessons of taking risks, letting go and coming home. 

 Siargao The Movie  gives a natural and organic way of story-telling and showing the location’s beauty. I love the different points of view – from Laura’s raw videos (Erich Gonzales is a vlogger in this film), to aerial view of the island and down under the sea. Truly no filter, the movie showed us the true colors of Siargao.

siargao the movie review
siargao the movie review

I chilled in my seat at Greenbelt Cinema 3 (never mind that my lazy boy is not working), I let the waves of the movie bring me to each of the characters’ story – Laura, Diego and Abi. I love their dynamics and chemistry. The movie is pretty relaxed (yet not boring). I enjoyed every scene while I await for conflicts to happen or things to happen.  I was thinking maybe it is a love-triangle, or about reconnecting to your old love, or escaping love.
The story stayed true to its location setting – chill yet relatable. I love the script so much and how the characters make me feel like I am listening to my friend (or more like, I am listening to myself). 
The scenes and waves can get pretty hypnotizing but I was quick to catch and grasp the little life and love lessons that each character has to throw in unsuspecting scenes. Plus, there’s a mellow acoustic music to accompany the audience to its quiet moments. I love the song choices (trying not to mention spoilers).

siargao the movie review

siargao the movie review

siargao the movie review
Photos are screenshots from the Trailer

The movie made me appreciate Jericho Rosales more (this guy is like a vampire, he never gets old!). I love his boyish look and how his eyes speak his feelings/emotions. During the Q&A after the movie screening, Director Paul Soriano shared that he was quite unsure if Jericho would accept the project – as surfing and biking are the things that he usually does off-camera. He truly is the perfect fit for the film. Erich Gonzales is a revelation to me in this film. She played the role well (as a vlogger) and as a city girl trying to embrace the island life. It is my first time to see her in the big screen (or probably her other movies were not as memorable to me). I love her in this film. She looks so natural and carefree. While Jasmin Curtis will always be a fine actress. I first saw her in the movie I’m drunk, I love you – and while her role is somewhat the same playing as “the girl”, I saw her as a totally different character in this film – vulnerable yet cautious.

siargao the movie review

I truly fell in love with the sights and sounds of Siargao. I love how it showcases the beauty of the island and promotes environmental awareness. I highly recommend that you see the film. 
It makes me feel like I can brave the waves and try surfing.

The Siargao the Movie is a beautiful escape.

Catch Ten17P’s latest opus, the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 entry Siargaoby Direk Paul Soriano starring Jericho Rosales, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Erich Gonzales in cinemas nationwide starting December 25th.

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