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Things to Do in Batanes

April 18, 2019
Things to do in Batanes
Things to do in Batanes
Batanes is an archipelago province which is situated in the Cagayan Valley region in the Philippines. It is the smallest and the farthest province in the country. Nevertheless, the distance should not deter you from enjoying the fun and adventure that the island offers. Book cheap Philippine airlines flights right away and head for an exciting journey.

featured photo by Yvon Assen
The Batanes island group is listed in the UNESCO tentative list. The Island is mostly mountainous and is hilly along the northern, eastern coast. It is hard to express the overwhelming beauty of Batanes in words. Those incredible beaches, mysterious caves, and beautiful lagoons are to be seen to experience their charisma. Take advantage of those cheap Batanes flights to reach the magical place.
Here are some exciting and fun things to do in Batanes.
Interact with the locals. Meet the locals and interact with them to know them better and learn
about their lifestyle and culture. This is your chance to know the Ivatan people and their history,
you will find them very warm and friendly. Once you strike a conversation with them, they will
open up and make you feel at home. With more and more tourists heading for their province,
they are gradually getting used to them.
Explore the beaches. As Batanes boasts of an amazing coastline, you will come across some of
the best beaches here. So, go ahead and visit the famous beaches here and some well-known
names include Nakabuang Beach and Chadpidan Beach. Just relax on the white sandy shores or
have a picnic. Diura Village’s beautiful coastal terrain is another favorite spot.
Look at the traditional stone houses. Batanes is well famous for its traditional houses made
of stones. The stone houses are very much like any other house, but a closer observation reveals
that they are made with different materials. In their language, the houses are known as vahay.
The Batanes people used to live in highlands in cogon houses, but the Spaniards compelled them
towards the lowland. There, they built these stone houses with the help of limestone and corals.
These houses can withstand strong typhoons and earthquakes.
Things to do in Batanes
photo by Paul Christian Del Rosario
Tour the picturesque hills. Another best thing to do in Batanes is to explore those numerous
picturesque spots. You can hike in any direction and are sure to reach the hills with lots of
greenery. Enjoy the cool breeze across your face and hair and feast your eyes on the breathtaking
view of dramatic cliffs and vast pasture lands. Laze around and watch those free-roaming cows
on the communal pastureland.
Rent a motorcycle.  You can rent out a motorcycle to see more attractions on the two wheels.
This is a must to do as the whole experience is simply amazing and a lot better than going out in
a vehicle. Now that you are on your bike. you can explore those cliff-hugging roads and travel
from one municipality to the next. Be wary of the curves on the roads and do not forget to blow
your horn.
Try the local food. Do not come back from Batanes without tasting the local cuisine. The most
prized dishes are made of Fish and Coconut Crab. You can even source fishing boats and catch
your own fish. Later, you can ask the locals or join them to grill the seafood along with some
veggies. You will love those dishes made of fresh seafood and locally produced ingredients. The
lobster and Crabmeat are very juicy. As the seafood is very cheap here, you can enjoy the
lobster, coconut crab, and the flying fish on your dinner table every night.

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