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Digital Hacks for Easier Adulting

December 20, 2019
Digital Hacks for Easier Adulting

I have been a netizen since 1997. I am lucky I got the chance to be one of the firsts to have a computer at home and explore the crazy world of the internet. We used to carry usernames, and there was no such thing as “personal branding” (that explains my handle @ruthilicious).

I blogged (anonymously), shopped, traded, and witnessed a lot of changes on the internet.
Now, I felt like I have an online world and offline world. Sharing some of the digital hacks in order to find balance in life and to help you with easier adulting.

1. I use different email addresses. Yup. I have several email addresses that I use for blog, personal banking, and other transactions. This is to protect my personal information and other accounts associated with the email addresses.

2. Some of my Instagram Stories are not real-time. I mostly go out alone and for my security, I do not post my exact location on social media.

3. At the end of the year, I clean up my inbox and memory card /external drive to give space for new memories. Space is another limited asset. Use them wisely. 

4. I now pay online purchases through mobile number. PayMaya just launched Pay with Paymaya. The new service allows us to pay for our online purchases through partner merchants by only using and entering our mobile numbers. It means no more taking out of credit card to key in information like credit card number, expiration date, and other details. It is stress-free, convenient and safe.

 There is no denying that online shopping is the most convenient way to shop for our holiday gifts – free from traffic, parking fee, and troubles of carrying big shopping bags. 

Let me share with you the process on how to do it: 
I needed to buy a gift for someone so I thought I would check out Good thing that Rustan’s has partnered with PayMaya for the Pay with Paymaya option.

After selecting my item, I chose Pay via Credit Card / PayMaya Wallet.

The page routed me to another page. In a normal case, I would have used my credit card (or PayMaya card) to settle the purchase by entering the card details. 

With this new feature, I just clicked on the Pay with PayMaya button – and the new window asked me to enter my PayMaya registered number and password. I received an OTP via my number which I used to complete the transaction. 

I love that the new Pay with PayMaya feature helps me feel more secure about the transaction. I can ensure that my credit card / PayMaya details are safe with me. For COD purchases, there is no need to prepare cash as the item can be fully paid with the new PayMaya feature. 
Here’s good news, if you use the new Pay with PayMaya feature, you can earn 1%, 10% or even 100% cashback up to Php 500 from December 11, 2019 to January 15, 2020. 
I already received cashbacks from my recent PayMaya transactions. 
How about you?

You too can enjoy these awesome rewards! Just simply sign up on PayMaya and use my code:

to get P50 on your account instantly!
Kaya basta shopping this holiday season, don’t pay cash! PayMaya!
Visit for more details about PayMaya’s awesome offers.

I will update this article with more digital hacks. Keep following!

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