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Pay It Forward this Holiday Season

December 29, 2019
Pay It Forward this Holiday Season

Pay It Forward this Holiday Season

I am lucky to be surrounded by people who are just selflessly giving – and that resonates with how I can easily give to other people. 

When you think that it is challenging to give someone who has everything, just think: if you give the person Php10 worth of gift (and you only have Php 100) – you are giving more than what the person who earns Php 100,000 and gives Php 1,000 worth of the gift. I always think it is not the amount, but the thought and how much a part of you you are willing to give.

In this season of frenetic consumerism, highlighted by various sales and happenings around the country – online and offline, it is good to take a step back and think about what is really important. My favorite PayMaya not just only offers discounts and promos to its users, but also a chance to pay it forward to others. 
PayMayaItForward is a social movement initiative of PayMaya Philippines aiming to inspire the Filipinos to “pay it forward” this holiday season by doing random acts of kindness. As
a company, PayMaya Philippines’ own act of kindness is to match the amount of cashback given to our users in the ongoing 1-10-100 QR promo, and donate it to our chosen beneficiary, Gawad
Kalinga’ss School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development.​
This is actually the first time I am hearing about SEED Philippines, so let me share some information about this organization: 
SEED Philippines provides an education-based solution to rural development. It is the first school for social entrepreneurship for the poor which serve as a model for rural development through education and hands-on learning mentored by an international team of social entrepreneurs and innovators. SEED prepares students to create social enterprises that will develop rural areas through rural job and wealth creation. It serves as a pilot that will be replicated to provide a quality education to thousands in communities across the Philippines.​
I want to participate in this activity by starting at home. For this month, I will be paying for my family’s bills. For someone who works as a freelance, I don’t always receive a monthly pay (or bonus). I hope my parents will appreciate this little act of kindness I am extending to help our household.

Sharing my simple advocacy I started a few years ago.

If you feel that you do not have “extra” to share, you can still participate in the PayMayaItForward just by simply shopping!
Just by simply shopping with PayMaya, PayMaya is matching the cashback given to you with a donation to GK-SEED.
PayMaya users who will scan-to-pay at our partner merchants from December 16 to 31, 2019
of PayMaya’s current QR promo. This cashback will be matched by a donation to GK-SEED, allowing you to do your simple act of kindness by simply purchasing your essentials.
You too can take part in this movement. Just simply sign up on PayMaya and use my code:

to get P50 on your account instantly!
Kaya basta shopping this holiday season, don’t pay cash! PayMaya!
Visit for more details about PayMaya’s awesome offers.

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