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Super Foods that are Perfect for Travel

December 12, 2019
 Super Foods That are Perfect for Travel
What are the first things that come to mind when you pack for a trip? Maybe clothes or chargers top your list, but it’s important to consider the food you’ll bring as well. When you’re traveling, your body will experience many changes, whether it’s because of the climate or time difference. To help prevent any unfortunate events and keep your body in tip-top shape, these 6 super foods are excellent to bring along for your trip:

Contrary to popular belief, potatoes are extremely beneficial for your health, especially ones from the US. More than just the main ingredient of french fries, US potatoes are a great source of Vitamin B6 and potassium These can provide you with enhanced endurance, which you’ll need during your travels. You can make this vegetable your travel snack by bringing a container of potato wedges or even a pack of healthy baked potato chips. Since cooked potatoes have a shelf life of around 5 days, they’re best suited for short trips.
You’re bound to do a lot of walking when you travel. But the more steps you take, the more likely you are to develop leg cramps. While this can be prevented with a few stretches, you never know what can happen during a trip. Harvard Health shares that one of the best ways to keep your legs cramp-free is to fuel your body with food rich in magnesium and potassium, like a banana. Plus, they’re also easy to carry around during your trip. I am always thankful to convenience stores which sell bananas. 
Traveling gives your taste buds the beautiful opportunity of trying new and exciting dishes. Since it’s your first time eating them, however, you won’t know how your stomach will react to the food. There’s a chance that a local specialty is too spicy for you or it simply isn’t suitable for your body. This is why having a pack of yogurt in your suitcase is handy for your travels. Yogurt helps relieve indigestion, as it contains probiotics or ‘good bacteria’ that keeps bad bacteria at bay.
Chia Seeds
These tiny seeds are packed with the nutrients your body needs to stay strong. Pretty Me’s post on everything you need to know about chia seeds points out that they’re chock full of minerals: Their calcium and phosphorus content can boost your bone health, while magnesium and potassium can help maintain a healthy blood pressure. When you’re traveling, be sure to bring a small bag of this super food, and add 3 tablespoons of it to a glass of water to reap its benefits.
If your body is sensitive to weather changes, you’re more prone to contracting a cough or cold on your trip. Thankfully, these ailments can be treated with the help of ginger, since this spice contains anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate their symptoms. You can bring a pack of dried ginger root slices for your trip because they’re convenient to carry around and eat.
Green Tea
Last but not least, you should bring a box of green tea with you on your travels. Green tea is beloved across the globe for its impressive health benefits, like reducing the risk of heart disease and preventing cancer. It’s not only soothing for the body, but the mind as well. Indeed,  study published in the journal Nutrients reveals that green tea can greatly decrease stress levels and help you sleep better — both great benefits to have when on the go.
What do you usually eat when you travel? 

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