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The Best Way to Prevent COVID-19: Hand-Washing with Hygienix

April 8, 2020
hygienix soap prevent coronavirus
The Best Way to Prevent COVID-19: Hand-Washing with Hygienix
The saying is truer than ever, prevention is always better than cure. 
As a responsible citizen, we can do our part in helping prevent the spread of Coronavirus (and to help flatten the curve) while research is still on-going for its cure. 
The Department of Health is one with the World Health Organization and the USA’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention in saying that the best way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading is to kill the novel coronavirus before it enters the body.

COVID-19 is contracted when the novel coronavirus enters the body. Respiratory viruses like the novel coronavirus, the flu, and the common cold can be spread via the hands. An infected person’s hands can touch some mucus, viral particles will stick to the hands and then transfer to whatever they touch. If someone is well, hands act like sticky traps for viruses and can pick up droplets that contain the novel coronavirus, which stay on the hands, and enter the body if the hands touch the face.
To ensure that this does not happen, experts recommend that everyone must wash their hands
thoroughly. They say that handwashing with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, is still the top method to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and other diseases.

hygienix soap prevent coronavirus

My favorite alcohol brand, Hygienix fully supports the fight against COVID-19. Its frontline weapon: the Hygienix Germicidal Soap which kills 99.99% of viruses, germs and common disease-causing bacteria. Washing the hands with Hygienix Germicidal Soap and water destroys viruses by pulling them apart, disintegrating them and flushing them down the drain.
hygienix soap
Boy Abunda and Maine Mendoza approved!
Another benefit for using Hygienix Germicidal Soap is that it has a non-drying formula and a refreshing scent. That means you can use it as frequently as possible, make it an essential, and an enjoyable part of your daily lifestyle!
By keeping sanitized with Hygienix Germicidal Soap– along with other measures like drinking vitamins, wearing face masks, staying home and observing social distancing, the war against COVID-19 could soon be won.
What is your favorite hand-washing song?

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