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Sushi Bake and Salmon Cake Party with Salmon HQ

July 18, 2021

We can make everyday a party at home, and today serving you some fresh Salmon Cake and Sushi Bake pans from Salmon HQ.

I love Japanese food, but I rarely order Sashimi and Raw Fish (because there are only a few good restaurants who deliver fresh, good salmon and fish). Salmon HQ is one of the reliable Sashimi Restaurants, and they offer variety of Sushi Bake pans, too!

I appreciate that the Sushi Bake pans are packaged in boxes, too. They included Wasabi Balls and Soy Sauce, and there are 2 packs of Nori Wraps to go with the sushi bakes.

Premium Salmon Cake

The Salmon Cake makes a really good centerpiece for your gatherings or dinner. I like that it is clean, no fishy smell, pink, and (looks and tastes) fresh! The presentation is really extra! I indulged in these fresh slices of salmon and they just tastes so good, and smooth.

Inside the Salmon Cake is a nice surprise. The 6-inch Salmon Cake Php 1,200 is stuffed with generous layers of Kani Salad and Japanese Rice. It is a complete meal, as is. Better served with Wasabi Soy Sauce.

We didn’t get to finish everything, and stored it in the chiller – which stayed fresh and good, even after 3 days. I might eat some for lunch after my soft-food diet.

Sushi Bake Pans

Sushi Bake is one of the food trends that became popular during the quarantine. I didn’t attempt making one at home, because there are a lot of good restaurants and food businesses that offer this dish, besides it is time-consuming to make.

Salmon HQ offers different flavors and variety for their Sushi Bake pans (starts at Php 500 for the small pan). It is perfect for foodies like me who love trying out new flavors and textures in their food.

Unagi / Crunchy California Sushi Bake

Scallop Salmon Ebi / Soft Shell Crab Sushi Bake

Salmon HQ’s Sushi Bake pans are superb! Each offers a distinct flavor, with generous servings of seafood and ingredients. Unlike other sushi bake pans that are mostly stuffed with Japanese Rice, Salmon HQ’s have seafood meat (not just in the toppings) but in the whole pan. You can see pieces and slices of Kani, Shrimp, Tuna and Scallops.

For the classic flavor, go for the California Sushi Bake with its crunchy toppings and sweet mango slices filling. I love Unagi Sushi Bake‘s Sweet & Savory sauce, and distinct unagi flavor. The Soft Shell Crab Sushi Bake is another interesting flavor perfect for those who love the seafood. While the Scallop Salmon Ebi Sushi Bake is a real feast! I really love the creamy sauce, and generous servings of seafood mixed in the rice. One of the reasons why we don’t cook scallops is, it is tricky to cook, and I love that Salmon HQ’s are fresh and perfectly cooked.

Seafood Wafu Pasta

Aside from Sushi Bake pans, you can also order Seafood Wafu Pasta from Salmon HQ. This dish smells so divine. Again, the ingredients and seafood are generously served in this perfectly cooked pasta dish.

We rarely cook seafood dishes at home, because it is tedious and can be very expensive – aside from the fact that you have to really go to the wet market to get the freshest ingredients. Salmon HQ is a real deal for those who love seafood dishes, and looking at serving new recipes at home. The Salmon Cake and Sushi Bake pans can make a really good gift to your family and friends, too!

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