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Unboxing: Huawei Watch 3 and Huawei Scale 3 Pro

September 8, 2021

Living a minimal life while staying fit and healthy can be a stylish journey with new fitness gadgets from HUAWEI. Whenever I look back at my life pre-pandemic, I was always out and only saw my bedroom as a place to sleep. After staying more than 18 months at home because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I can say I am a totally different person. I valued my time more, being more intentional with things. My routines have also changed, even incorporating quick workout everyday.

Friends and even readers know that my HUAWEI GT 2 watch is one of my favorite things (I overused). HUAWEI dropped a new Smart Watch and Smart Scale, and we got our hands on these new fitness essentials.

HUAWEI Watch 3

I only expect premium design and functionality from a HUAWEI Watch, and HUAWEI Watch 3 delivers exactly that. The box comes with:

HUAWEI Watch 3 Unit
Charging Cable with Charger
User Guide & Safety Information & Quick Start Guide
Safety Information and Warranty Card

The HUAWEI Watch 3 is a beautiful, sleek watch. I noticed it is a little heavier compared to my HUAWEI GT 2, but it has the same watch face size. Made with stainless-steel and ceramic, it looks so polished, while the Fluoroelastomer Strap gives it a fun, relaxed vibe.

The circular finish and rounded screen offer a classic look and flowing feel, while the stunning 1.43-inch AMOLED display gives a the screen more life.

With quick swipes, we can say that the HUAWEI Watch 3 has a high-response touch-sensitive screen. I love how I can easily control volume and choose settings through the side button and fully rotatable crown.

It has different sensors that activate different functions and measures heath data. Some features include Skin Temperature Detector (to know if your temperature is high which is helpful in this time of Covid-19 pandemic), SpO2 to monitor blood oxygen saturation, 5 heart rate monitoring technology features a 6-in-1 LED and 4 photodiodes for more light intake (a more advanced feature compared to other Smart Watch or Fitness Band that has the same heart rate feature), step count, periods of activity, calories burned, sleep quality, stress levels and more. The reports are easily available via the Huawei Health app. This is my favorite app for checking my sleep report. Getting 8 hours of sleep is one of my luxuries in life.

One of the things I love about Huawei Smart Watches are its workout modes. For the Huawei Watch 3, you get 100+ workout modes — 19 pro modes, for indoor and outdoor sports, and 85 custom modes, with automatic exercise detection for the 6 most common types of workout.

I really love using this feature when working out because I can see my heart rate (and which level I am in), calories burned, and time in the activity. The voice assistant can even announce these information every 10 minutes. At the end of the workout, you can see reports including recovery time. For the HUAWEI Watch 3, the feature now includes Fatigue Percentage.

A very interesting feature of the HUAWEI Watch 3 is the e-SIM Technology, allowing it to function as a stand-alone communication device. Make calls, play music, and download apps without being connected to your phone, still using your existing number. I can easily clench my fist to answer or reject call. I will share more information about this feature on the next posts.

I can easily personalized the HUAWEI Watch 3 watch face, or download available watch faces via the HUAWEI Health app. I love that there is something for every style, or mood. I mostly choose and wear minimal designs, but I can also wear colorful and animated ones depending on my mood.

As for the battery life, the HUAWEI Watch 3 promises up to 14 days (in an ultra-long battery life mode), and 3 days (in smart watch mode). I started using it last Sunday, and (today is Tuesday) my battery is still at 37%.

The HUAWEI Watch 3 is powered by Harmony OS and I can easily connect it to my HUAWEI phone, or HUAWEI Vision S for a seamless connectivity and content sharing. I cannot wait to explore and discover things that I can do with the Huawei Watch 3.

HUAWEI Smart Scale 3 Pro

When people talk about overall wellness and body composition, we should not only look at what we can see outside. The distribution of fat, muscle and minerals in our body is important to know so we can make the right steps to achieve our fitness and wellness goals. HUAWEI Smart Scale 3 Pro provides comprehensive weight and body composition data via 8-electrode dual frequencies.

I got the HUAWEI Smart Scale 3 Pro in Mystic Blue. A beautiful, sleek weighing scale that look good at home, too. The frosted glass surface is coated with transparent ITO film, for improved conductivity, while the smart LED display remains off when not in use, lighting up as soon as you step on the scale. The HUAWEI Smart Scale 3 Pro can easily be sync with your HUAWEI Health app, and it shows data like BMI, Body Fat Rate, Skeletal Muscle, Visceral Fat, Limb Skeletal, Body Water, Bone Mineral Content, Protein, and Fat-Free Mass.

This type of weighing scale and health reports are mostly available in health clinics and gyms, but we can have access to these health data through the HUAWEI Smart Scale 3 Pro. It is convenient to use at home, with different profiles you can set for each family member. A safe and smart way to achieve over-all health and wellness among family members.

I am excited to share more about these new products from HUAWEI, please stay tuned and follow me @ruthilicious on Instagram.

The Huawei Watch 3 is priced at Php 18,999 (currently on sale at Php 18, 499)

via Shopee:

The Huawei Smart Scale 3 Pro is priced at Php 3,999.

Shop via Shopee:

  1. Bet ko yan smart scale!
    Gusto ko nyan dito sa house 😆
    Suki ako ng ganyang type na weighing school sa clinic sa office before hehe

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