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The transit-oriented developments of Vista Land promote convenient Metro Manila living

April 12, 2024

A recent traffic index study revealed that Metro Manila has the slowest travel time among 387 cities in 55 countries. According to TomTom International, which evaluates cities around the world by their averagecommute, fuel costs, and carbon dioxide emissions, it takes 25 minutes and 30 seconds to travel 10 kilometers in the capital region, which […]

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Things to Do in Elyu | La Union

April 7, 2024
Things to do in La Union Elyu Travel

La Union, affectionately known as Elyu, is the surfing capital of the Philippines. A favorite summer and beach destination in the Philippines as you can get to La Union without booking a flight. A 6-hour drive from Manila, La Union is becoming more popular with its charming restaurants, themed cafes, and interesting stores. I personally […]

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