Your Korean Dream Team: W Express & KVAC – Say Goodbye to Visa Hassles!

May 27, 2024
koera tvisa application philippines

W Express is excited to announce its exclusive partnership with the Korean Visa Application Center (KVAC). This makes W Express the sole accredited courier service partner of KVAC for Korean tourist visaapplication processing and delivery services. “This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for W Express. With our network of over 100 branches nationwide, we […]

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Press Release

Send Playlist Letters to RM on Spotify

RM’s highly anticipated second solo album ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’ is coming out soon. To celebrate, Spotify has opened its letter box to let you send your heartfelt message to the BTS leader – through Playlists! Ready with your message? Here’s how you can submit your Playlist Letter to RM: 1. Create a new Spotify […]

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