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Modern Day Stories of Hope and Progress, GCash launches #GCashStories

February 13, 2023

Across all walks of life, Filipinos have started adapting digital solutions as each one works towards a fresh start from the effects of the pandemic. Filipinos are now moving forward, armed with the perseverance and receptiveness to adopting digital technologies and solutions. Digital payments in particular flourished as more people embraced the concept of e-wallets […]

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GCash: For Girls Who Just Wanna Have Fun

October 29, 2019

We oftentimes learn from our biggest mistakes. Take for example, this girl’s biggest lesson on traveling with GCASH.  I’ve been a digital wallet convert for a while now after having experienced the many wonders it can do to make life’s chores uncomplicated and less painful. Now, I am looking at it with new eyes, convinced […]

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