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Big K Imaging’s Photobook:: How to Use and Create Your Own Photobook

March 12, 2011

I always feel envious whenever I check US online photo stores which offer free customized photobook services and I always wish that Philippines would soon have the same store. I know some photo stores, who do that but the convenience and fun of doing it on your own is more personal. Then, Big K Imaging answered by prayers.

I was browsing through the site, and found that there is an application you can download and use to set up your very own photobook (as in, choose your pictures from the file, arrange them where you want them printed in the pages, and even add caption), then complete it and order online.

So now, there is no need for me to wait to walk down the aisle before I can own a photobook. I am thinking of doing one for all my travel/trips. What I love about the software is that it is so user friendly!

How to make your own Photobook?

It’s as easy as downloading, creating and ordering!

Download the software in the Big K Imaging website. Make sure that you meet the system requirements and you have extra space.

Now, for the fun part:

1. Open the software and click Create New Project

2. Choose if you want to create a Photobook or Wall Art

3. Name your project and click Create. I just want to test the software, so I want to mock-create a book for the nice places I have been to.

4. The nice thing about the software is that it even has a Help Desk which would guide you through the process. But being the “adventurous” person that I am, I closed it and just explored the software!

5. Now, to add pictures in the project, click the plus sign and a new window would open to browse through your folders. Just click the folder and the images to add it on the tray. Once the pictures are added, you can easily drag and drop the pictures in the pages and arrange it the way you wanted it.

6. So we are ready to be creative.

You may choose the type of cover you want from the available option on the tray below, or just do what you wanted.

7. For my project, I even added a text in front and customized the font setting (the types of fonts available would be dependent on your PC’s current font settings/types).


8.  Now, choose the pages you want to work on top of the tray, and choose the type of format you want from the tray below.

If you don’t want the picture in the box, just delete it – it would also work. It is so easy to use with the options to add text or picture box – then edit it with the available options on the right side tray.

You see, I even added a text on my page. You may choose to place the text on any part of the page or picture.

9. Now I am ready for the next page.

10. Once done, just click the shopping cart to process the order.

11. I was surprised when the next page appears. It shows the summary and comments on each page and picture. The software is so intelligent that it sets your expectations – I mean, a warning on the quality of the pictures so you can take action – and it won’t just process your photobook and you would be surprised with low quality of printed pictures.

12. I processed it anyway to check the check-out process. But hold it, I have to agree to the terms and conditions first!

13. Now the software window refreshes and a browser opens – it asked me to log in. I have to register for a new account first.

14. After registration, the page showed my order summary.

15. Now the next page asks for Shipping and Billing Details. I think you have to update that to reflect your addresses. Shipping is available for Php150, or I am guessing you may pick up the item from the available branches.

16. Click Continue to choose the payment options, and I am just glad that this is not only available for those with credit cards (since that’s the main concern of those who want to order online – they don’t have one) – there’s GCASH payment and bank deposit (I am guessing – option two). I hope that they would offer Paypal payment soon.

Local Payment Options
International Payment Options

So that’s easy right? Now I have to dig through my albums and consolidate the pictures so I can make a real photobook and order it online. I would sure create a new blog post to make a review of the quality of the photobook. But knowing Big K (that’s where I have my digital pictures printed, I am confident with the quality of the pictures).

Now, who wants to own a new digicam? Big K is “developing and printing” a new contest. Simply like the Big K Facebook Page at 

Download the software and create a 2×2 Wall Art Sintra Project (it is so easy, just check the steps above!)

For the complete mechanics, please read here.

Now, who says everything is digital? I still personally prefer printed photos – and now, I am creating books!

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