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Paying Bills with GCASH

December 20, 2007

Remember when we were younger, utility bills were paid by paying cash to bills collectors? The only time you will go to the office is when you have disconnection notice from the utility provider.

That was ages ago, right now we pay our bills tru Bayad Centers. However for this month, I tried paying tru GCASH.

Here’s the FORMAT: BILLPAY INSTITUTION CODE and send to 2882. For the list of INSTITUTION CODES, Text BLIST to 2882. MERALCO is for Meralco. MWSI for Maynilad Water System.

And I would like to think it worked. Hehe. I received a confirmation text stating I transferred fund to Maynilad Water, with reference number, complete with date and time and amount paid.

Im loving GCASH, and Im loving technology. I only use GCASH to pay for my online purchases and accept payments for online transactions as well; and yes reloading (with 10% rebate of the amount loaded in your mobile phone). Im opening myself now to using GCASH in paying bills. Saves us time, and P10 (which the Bayad Center charges for paying bills). Transaction only costs P1. However my mom is a little hesitant about the whole thing. Being a paranoid that she is, she’s afraid that payments may not be reflected and utility service may be cut by next month..

Some tips though:

1. For MERALCO payments, please use the Service ID Number of the receipt for the Account Number space when texting bill payments.

2. Be extra careful when texting your account details and numbers. We dont want to pay someone else’s bills by mistake!

3. Keep the confirmation texts in your inbox for the whole month, until the new statement arrives. For extra measure, I wrote down the reference number, and details in our billing statement for reference incase of disputes.

So there. No more reasons for delayed payments.. unless you dont have funds. 😉

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