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Day 2: Hong Kong Vacation: Disneyland and Shopping at City Gate

September 14, 2010

Day 2 of the Hong Kong Vacation is Disneyland Day! Yes, I was so excited for this. Second days are always the start of the vacation. Usually, you are tired from long hours of travel on your first day – so the best day is always the second day. It is true what they say, you haven’t been to Hong Kong, if you haven’t been to HK Disneyland.

There is no exaggeration. I felt like a kid on our way to Hong Kong Disneyland. I am not a fan of cartoons but we are talking of Disneyland here. We all grew up watching Mickey and the gang.

So we rode the MTR (from Tung Chung line to Sunny Bay station) and there is a specific train which would take us to the Disneyland! I was like a kid wowwwing.. and whooaaaing.. while riding the train. There are Disney characters in gold figurines and the train windows and hand rails are all Mickeys!

We had bought our tickets at the Sky Tower for HK$350 where we got free Disney umbrellas. Actually, we get to choose if we wanted pen or umbrella – we were being practical so we decided to get the umbrella. The only available color is yellow. But I love freebies so it’s still cool!

I got the Mickey ticket! Yey! They got Donald Duck and some other character.
The fountain of youth? Probably. I felt like a kid when I was in Disney!

On our way to the entrance, we spent 20 minutes at the ark facade to have our pics taken. There were so many visitors and you wouldn’t get a chance for a solo shot.

When we got inside, more pics from that and this site in different angles. We have seen Mickey and Minnie but we hate long lines so we have decided to have lunch at Mainstreet Cafe.

We got the set menu – appetizer and main course meal. This was such a bad decision because we felt that we cannot finish our plates. Yes, they do have big servings, and the service is Aplus.

Green Salad at HK$28. Check out the Mickey croutons!

Baked Pork Chop Rice (HK$80)

That’s Chiken, Beef Brisket (tasted like Kaldereta) and Veggies (HK$80)

Caesar Salad (HK$60) or Mickey Salad? with Salmon (HK$15).

Total bill is HK$344 (inclusive of the 10% service charge). We were satisfied and I cannot complain – I just hope they had allowed us to smoke in the outside dining.

We had dessert and coffee at the near-by cafe. I forgot the name! We have to try the Mickey Tiramisu (cakes ranges from HK$20 to HK$40) – not the best one – I cannot even taste the alcohol. This one is for kids. What I hate about Disneyland and Hong Kong? You can’t enjoy coffee and ciggy. There are designated smoking areas and you can’t just puff while sipping your freshly brewed.

Anyway, so we had explored the area and the rides. Here is a pic taken at the It’s a Small World Ride.. A little blurry – I was so alert in looking for the Tagalog term for Goodbye, and when I have spotted it, I have to take a pic before the boat even reached the exit.

A view from the train. 
Those are not real crocs! Taken while riding the boat and exploring Tarzan’s place. Too bad – Tarzan’s treehouse was under renovation.
For Pinoys who would want to ride the boat, make sure that you fall inline at the right lane (language) – please choose English so you would enjoy the whole boat ride! 😉
A coin maker which makes a great souvenir. I made 3 coins (HK$10 each coin).
These machines are all over the Disney park. So you can collect the designs that you want. Each machine has 3 available designs. 
We tried all the rides, except for the Dumbo ride, the best is the Carousel! Please make sure to buy the Mickey Ice Cream (at HK$20). 
We had dinner before going back to the hotel – FASTFOOD! (HK$40 for the meal)
It was getting late and we didn’t want to go home just yet, but we wanted to go to the City Gate Outlet Store in Tung Chung to check some bargain items. 
Here’s my last memory of Mickey and Disneyland. 

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