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Postcards from Hakupan Island, Marinduque

May 9, 2019

Postcards from Hakupan Island, Marinduque

Marinduque is the heart of the Philippines and it beats with beautiful beach destinations. Our tour guides, Sir Nelson and Ms. Susan brought us to the island they call – “the secret island”. 

Manila to Marinduque via Cebu Pacific

Marinduque is just a 30-minute flight from Manila via Cebu Pacific. 

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During our second day in Marinduque, some of our friends explored Bagumbungan Cave and we had free time to explore nearby islands. I am usually up for challenges and adventures, however, that day, I just wanted to just chill and spend time at the beach. 

We drove to Barangay Botilao where we registered and contracted a boat that took us to Hakupan Island. 

Hakupan Island, Beach in Marinduque

The port is surrounded by mangroves and the 20-minute boat ride is made pleasant with the calm and peaceful view of the sea. 

Hakupan Island, Beach in Marinduque

Banca rental starts at Php 400 for 2 to 3 pax

Ecological Fee at Php 20/pax

You have the option to rent a cottage Php 350 or tent. 

Food and drinks can also be included in the package for Php 200 to Php 250/pax.

There is also a store on the island where you can buy food and drinks. 

When we arrived, the locals were very warm and welcoming. It was a hot day at the beach and we decided to just hang out at one of the cottages while enjoying the plate of organic pineapple that one of the locals served us. 

Hakupan Island, Beach in Marinduque

Hakupan Island is a 4.6 hectares islet of the northern part of Marinduque. A beautiful site that has such clear water and a long stretch of the sandbar.  There is also a spot where you can go snorkeling which they are currently re-building after most parts were destroyed because of illegal fishing.

Hakupan Island, Beach in Marinduque

I love that the locals take pride of the island and they make sure that it is well-taken cared of, while providing its visitors a taste of its serenity. 

I enjoyed my time just looking at the beach. 

Sharing a few photos we took from the Hakupan Island. 

Ruth dela Cruz in Hakupan Island Beach Marinduque.

Hakupan Island, Beach in Marinduque

Ruth dela Cruz in Hakupan Island Beach Marinduque.

Hakupan Island, Beach in Marinduque

Hakupan Island, Marinduque Beach

Hakupan Island, Marinduque Beach

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This is part 3 of the #CEBfliesMarinduque travel blog series. Thank you to Cebu Pacific Air, Department of Tourism MIMAROPA, and Dream Favor Travel and Tours for taking care of us. 

Thank you @angelotheexplorer for some of the photos in this blog. 

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  1. Ang ganda dito sa Hakupan Island Marinduque, ito din yung pangarap ko na mapuntahan.. Super relaxing talaga sa beach..

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