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Beauty and Butter: A Fun Nail Art Salon

June 20, 2011

My hands were disabled for a few hours this afternoon. I had redeemed the voucher I have purchased from Cash Cash Pinoy for the 50% Nail Art Service at Beauty and Butter. So here I am typing with my loud purplish nails with sunflower necklace design. I love it!

I actually love nail arts. I used to buy and wear nail tattoos back in College (and my partner loves them!). I just don’t get to wear the funky ones today since I have to maintain a professional look in the office – so I always settle with the two-toned polish – usually in purple – gold shade.

So I have been lusting over the fun, fab nail arts in Beauty and Butter, so when the deal was offered in Cash Cash Pinoy, I have to buy it! I regret not buying a dozen voucher since I am loving my nails now. Anyway, I paid using my free credits (remember you earn Php100 everytime your referred friend buys a deal within 72 hours). So I thought my service was free.

But no. I have to pay Php150 for the cleaning. My mom says it is too expensive for a cleaning service. I agree since I can do the cleaning myself. But with a nice comfy candy-colored couch and pillows and cool air-conditioned, plus free movie in the salon, I would just have to enjoy the service.

So they asked me to choose the designs – they even have ones at Php450 and Php600; and fancier ones ranging from Php800 to Php1,500! But what I can only choose are the simpler ones.

I wanted something in purple. So the attendant brought 4 bottles of polish in different shades of purple. The catch is the type of polish that you choose would mean additional for the service. So the one I chose which the attendant says organic – I have to add Php60 for that. No worries I was there get the best of their service.

The service lasted for an hour – with the help of a hand dryer – but just the same, I was careful not to ruin the art piece. The attendants are really nice and accommodating. They had been trained before deployment, and I admire their values – as they said they cannot accept homeservice outside of Beauty and Butter. Not that I have a good offer for them, but I just thought they would earn really big if they would work abroad. 😉

My total bill is Php210 plus tip. The redemption went smoothly, as they also keep a list of buyers who had chosen their branch as the redemption branch. They just asked for my ID and I was escorted to the couch and I sat there for an hour like a queen.

Too bad I didn’t bring my camera (I should really buy a smart phone!), but I just borrowed these nice photos from I am Superlar to share with my readers. (Thank you!)

The foot sink

Foot and hand dryer

The attendant invited me to buy the new deal they have with Cash Cash Pinoy. It’s 50% off on  Eyelash Extension. From Php5,000 to Php2,500. If you want to buy a deal, please click here. I have yet to decide if I really, really need it. 😉 My mascara can still work wonders.

I might be back for another art work! I just so love it. With proper care, I am just not sure how long would it last. That’s for me to find out this week.

Beauty and Butter Branches:

5/F SM Megamall (Atrium)
Contact info: 470-4239 

2/F SM Mall of Asia (Entertainment Wing)
Contact info: 556-9383 

2/F SM San Lazaro 
Contact info: 353-7576. 

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