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World Without Strangers Music Festival and Why Am I a Stranger

July 5, 2014

Giordano celebrated its 25th anniversary through a music festival to promote the campaign, “World Without Strangers”. What a better way to unite people is through music! Giordano believes that an ideal world is the one without strangers where people are not divided by race, class, religion or culture. It is a world where everyone welcomes each other as if they are friends or family. This is what Giordano Philippines stands for, and it longs to do so by developing apparel for everyone regardless of ethnicity, nationality or culture.

A few months back, Giordano set up a booth in different malls where people got the chance to participate in the campaign by having their pictures taken. It was awesome to see the stage backdraft and walls with pictures of people from different age, group and color.

The most amazing thing, to see the massive crowd gathered in Glorietta, and more people having their pictures taken to support the campaign!

When I got to the venue, it was perfect that Kean was up on stage! Hello Callalily!

Click Read More to see more snapshots from the Giordano World Without Strangers Music Festival!

The music festival was also the venue to recognize the 12 people who have inspired others and contributed to creating a World Without Strangers. These 12 people will be the first World Without Strangers Citizens and range from social workers to artists, writers to taxi drivers. Winners of the Giordano Statement Tee Design Contest were also awarded during the event. 
After Kean’s performance, we decided to have dinner first at Kenny Rogers. When we got back to the hall, Franco was already on stage. It is the first time I heard of him (I am so outdated about the OPM music scene!). This guy seems to have a following. He remained awesome even if his band was initially introduced as Sponge Cola! 🙂

Urbandub caught everyone’s heart with its rock ballad songs
Then finally came Sponge Cola..

Karyle was there and it was too cute when Yael introduce her as his wife 🙂

  Yael does know how to rock and roll!

And this is how you support your husband 🙂 
I would do the same for my rockstar!
Boys Night Out hosted the event. While I was taking this picture, it didn’t occur to me that I was already sold as bait bymy blogger friend – Earth! Haha. The boys asked who among the audience were recently on a break-up, and Earth pointed to me. The next thing I know the camera was focused on me.

It is as if that was enough exposure, I was surprised when Sam actually approached me and asked for a short interview. I died. If you were in Glorietta last night and you got to see the show, yes I was that woman who couldn’t seem to smile in front of camera.

The truth is, I am not that comfortable talking about my love life (and the people who revolve in this axis) in public, or in my blog.. (especially in a mall show :)). When I got back to my seat, my friends told me I looked suplada on stage. They said I lost my bubbly personality. I was surprised to see the pictures – I was crossing my arms, and raising my eyebrows.

Maybe, I was conscious. Maybe I was unconscious, and it was my body language that was telling the crowd that I don’t want to open up. It was not the first time I stood in front of a crowd. I did numerous presentations and hosted events, but the topics of course were about community development, organizational metrics and employee engagements. I wish I didn’t offend the Boys Night Out. They are a few of the most fun, wittiest and nicest personalities I have met. 

When I got home and shared the story to my mom, she told me that I should have learned how to handle it. I chose this life, anyway. As much as I want to keep some things about my life private, I should also probably learn how to handle such situations (and such questions). 

So partly I died yesterday; but Rico Blanco does know how to let me live again!

This guy is a real performer! The very reason I loved Rivermaya back then – every live performance is a new experience. He wouldn’t just sing the song as if you were listening to an album or radio, he performs every song differently. It is always awesome to listen to Rico!

Watch him here:

Happy crowd!

He sang some of the favorite Rivermaya songs in medley, and we – Ana, Earth, Catch and I were so hyped, we wanted to jump and dance! Rico also sang the World Without Stranger theme that night.

“I had fun composing the song. It is inspired by Giordano’s vision of a borderless world where people walk hand in hand and celebrate life as one,” 
More pictures here. 
We were happy kids! 

Thank you Giordano for having us, and congratulations to the awesome 25 years!

PS. My heart doesn’t need mending, I didn’t come from a broken relationship. I was being a stranger during my short interview yesterday. Please, just treat it as my shield to protect the people I love 🙂 The sad reality of life – even if we want to be better for other people, to be good and to spread the love, there are some who would take advantage of your kindness and openness. I hope Giordano’s campaign would inspire more people to do good, and for those who are in the dark side to see the light.

Don’t be a stranger, if you get to see me again, say “hi!” 🙂

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