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#ITrustU Why I Trust Uratex + A Day Tour In Uratex Alabang Plant

December 7, 2014

It felt like Grade School once again as Uratex welcomed us to its plant in Alabang last Thursday!

I can appropriately use the hashtag #perksofablogger as this is one of the rare occasions Uratex (or any brand) would show people how their products are made – in this case, the ever durable foam by Uratex.

Uratex is the country’s largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products. I have known this brand ever since I was a kid. I have know Uratex since the first time I ever owned a bed. My current bed is 8 years old now, and we bought it for Php 2,500. I remember it exactly because we bought 4 foam beds for the 4 rooms after our house was rebuilt (our home was burnt down in 2006). Uratex is the brand that we trust and I was curious how Uratex beds are made and produced.

The Uratex Alabang plant is only 30-minute drive away from Makati.

I didn’t expect a lunch prepared for us that day.. it was truly appreciated. Add the surprised raffle, we were on to a real treat!
We were a big group and we had to go by batch to visit the different sections of Uratex Plant. My group’s first stop was the Research and Development Office.
Research and Development

The office does look like your Chemistry classroom but I am telling you, there is more than math and physics in this room. There are piles and piles of foam in cabinets (they looked like books and encyclopedias!) carefully labeled and color-coded. In this room, the foams are tested based on hardness, density, flexibility and breathability. 
Uratex also formulate different mix for foams that are fire retardant and this new foam which has cooling effect. Speaking of fire retardant, just a few days ago, I woke up feeling the heat from my phone. I also felt my bed extremely hot. I was thankful that we are using Uratex. I heard some horror bed stories when people got burned because of their gadgets and their bed. 
Uratex also formulates different mixes based on client’s request – but everything has to go to intensive research and testing. 
Uratex Showroom

Our next stop was the Showroom. I was pleasantly surprised to know that aside from beds and pillows, Uratex also carries different items. The Uratex Plant is open for customers who want to do home shopping. Some of the pieces I want to take home…  

The second floor showcases the different beds and foams. There are PureFresh Collection which addresses the concerns of those with allergies. The Orthopaedic Support Collection is perfect for those with back problems and need to correct posture and scoliosis (I need this in my life!). There are also different series based on thickness and foldable ones.


Off to the next stop..we walked outside and I noticed the pedestrian crossings in the plant area. I especially love this because these lines made me more secure walking around the plant.


Don’t expect big bubbles and soaps here, but special mix that makes the foam. There were two cooling rooms with tubes and they are connected to the the special machine that transforms the liquid into big, foamy blue block of foam.
 From liquid…
to foam! 
Curing Area where foams are rested for 24 hours.
 Hot Bed!

Hello Aylin Vedad and Florencio Jusay!

Each Uratex foam is prepared, cut and packaged with love. I immediately notice how Uratex employees passionately work in the plant and the fruit of everyone’s labor is seen in this area. We have seen advanced technology and machine used to cut the big blocks of foam. The state-of-the-art machines helped in cutting labor costs. Uratex employees are also well taken cared of, with the management ensuring that they get compensated well, and have their time off. 
 From liquid to foam block to this! 
This is how we knew our Uratex foams!
 Uratex is also a certified supplier for Winnie the Pooh bath foam. The team from Disney visits the Uratex Plant from time to time to ensure adherance to the quality of products produced (and that includes the curve in Winnie’s ears!). 

  While, the other spare edges are transformed to another innovate product. Uratex truly ensures that their materials and products are environment friendly and waste management are well managed. 

I had a really fun time with this educational tour! That feeling when you become so loyal to a brand, or product and you get too curious all your life how a certain product is made or produced.. well, my questions were answered, and my take-away is being more loyal to Uratex. Lou SV beside me agrees. 🙂 
No longer lost.. 🙂 
Beatles Abbey Road Shirt
Shorts from GTW
Converse Shoes
Bag from Lazada Fashion
This tour rocks!
Thank you Uratex for having me!

Why I Trust Uratex

I consider my room my real sanctuary, but it is in my bed where I find peace. It understands my moods, and comforts me whenever I feel down and need some loving. It has witnessed my joy, frustration, excitement and fear. It is where I envisioned my dreams (both when I am awake and sleeping). 
It has been over 8 years when we bought the mattress for my bed. We actually bought 4 mattresses as soon as our house was built and our bed frames were ready (our home burnt down in 2006). When my mom and I went to Caloocan (the popular place in Manila to buy furniture and home accessories), we already know what brand and kind of mattress to buy – Uratex. The same brand that we used for the beds that we lost. 
The Uratex mattress that we bought (and the one that each of the family member is using) comes with 10 year warranty (which would expire in 2 years), but surprisingly, our bed doesn’t show sign of wear, tear and aging. It remained intact, firm and comfortable despite how I have abused and used the mattress.
This is where I mostly relax…

I read, blog, and do unboxing of stuff on the (Uratex) bed

My bed is officially my conference chair/room for mobile meetings

My niece also sleeps on this bed with me whenever they visit for a holiday and you know how kids are. 🙂 Here she is playing with my gadget 🙂 

..and when I say, I abuse the bed, I meant, sometimes letting my computer and gadgets run (at times overheats!) but thankfully, the Uratex foam material is not flammable. 🙂 I know it is such bad practice. 😀 
I cannot seem to flip the whole bed to show the warranty card, but I just realized that the mattress cover has its Uratex print on the cloth! Haha 🙂 
I know it might take years before I even think of replacing my bed, but I know for sure I would always go for the Uratex bed. Well, we actually need a new bed for the guest room so here I am wishing a fairy godmother to send and grant the wish 🙂 
Do you have stories about your Uratex bed or foam? Comment away!
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