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What to Expect from Oishi Snacktacular 2015?

August 7, 2015
One of my favorite snack brands, Oishi brought back the kid in me as we experienced a fun and snack-filled afternoon at Oishi Snacktacular 2015 in Trinoma Mall.

The activity center was transformed into an Oishi factory where everything is big and grand – making the guests feel that we are indeed in a snack factory. 
My game plan is to finish all the activities so I can just wait and chillax before the program starts and I know lines could get crazy when more people start coming.  There are 6 stations in the Oishi Snacktacular event. You are free to choose which stations to visit first. Kath and I were early birds during the media launch held earlier today (and guess) I was one of the few who stayed until they opened the event to the Public at 2:00 pm!. Thank you to our friends from Bridges PR for the VIP pass and stubs. We got to try all the activities for free. 

Here are the fun things to do:
1. Have your picture taken at the photo wall and feel like you were in the original packaging of Oishi Snack! I was wishing there’s a Kirei booth because that’s another classic favorite from Oishi! 
Kath and I enjoying our time inside the Oishi pack!
2. Fill a 2 ft Oishi Giant Bag with your favorite Oishi Snacks (including our favorite drinks!) for 60 seconds! There’s Oishi Pillows, Wafu Leche Flan, Gourmet Picks, Potato Chips and Marty’s Snacks! This is one of my favorite stations! I always wish to be part of the game I see in noontime shows where contestants get to grab everything they want from the grocery. It is close to that experience!
Fee: Php 295
The tip is to know the snacks that you want and focus on that rack. I filled my bag with Smart C bottles and some Oishi Popcorn. I also grabbed some of my fave Marty’s snacks. And hey, you can also choose the bag design that you want. I chose Baconette Strips! 😉 
3. Make Your Own Oishi Snack.
Php 20

You can choose two bases (kind of chips) and 2 flavors from 12 available flavors. You can go for Nori and Pizza, Salt & Vinger and Cheese, or just be creative with flavors. You can go wild!
4. Be a human claw and catch all the snacks that you can get! This is the highlight of the event! I was a bit hesitant to try it because it is the time of the month. But I tried it anyway after a little preparation (but I still failed!). Haha. But it was fun diving in to the pool of snacks!
Fee: Php 120
I wish to post my video.. but it was a complete failure. Haha. 
Slater Young was able to capture 159 snacks! Can you beat that record? Don’t ask how many I got! Haha. The tip is to utilize the whole body and hug all the snacks you can get. Have fun!
5. Have a refreshing drink from Oishi Smart C’s slush station. They are serving Lemon and Pomelo. I chose Lemon (my fave) and it was perfect to claim it after the Snack Catcher. Sooo refreshing!
Fee: Php 20
6. Personally twirl and turn a machine to create an Oishi Twirl using the Oishi Choco Chug. How creative is that? Oishi turns our favorite snacks into a more delicious snack! Guests can even top it with 2 toppings using Oishi snacks. It can be chips or choco pillows!
Fee: Php 20
 What makes the Oishi Snacktacular more fun and exciting is the presence of #TeamO barkada who joined us earlier – Slater Young, Elmo Magalona and Ramon Bautista. I heard that on Saturday, Alex Gonzaga will join the event and on Sunday, it is going to be the #KathNiel!
I super love how Ramon Bautista hosts events! He’s super fun and cool! 
I am planning to go back with friends and even without VIP pass, I only need to spend Php 500 to enjoy all the activities. It is just like shopping for my favorite Oishi snacks with a different kind of experience. 
If you are going, make sure that you complete all the activities to be eligible for the raffle.

Look at my friend, Ed Uy who won that big Oishi Pack!
Everyone’s a winner because we all get to bring home bags and bags of Oishi snacks!
Thank you Oishi for having me!
Have a great weekend guys! Tag me on your posts on social media @ruthilicious 😉 

Visit the Oishi Snacktacular event at Trinoma Mall 
August 7, 8 and 9, 2015
Admission is Free

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