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Atkinsons: High Tea and Perfume Snobbery

October 1, 2015

Atkinsons Launch in the Philippines is all about high tea, sophisticated fragrances and perfume snobbery.
The invitation for the launch of Atkinsons in the Philippines didn’t come in a scroll but the text that says “scents for royalty and fashion-obsessed aristocrats” make me curious. 
The event was held in Pangea, City of Dreams last September 29th. It was my first time in this bar and it was like stepping into the world of Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, the Tsar of Russia, the King of Italy,, Sarah Bernhardt and Beau Brummel, father of modern menswear who are all clientele of Atkinsons. 
I love the details of the event – fascinator hats, luggage and old suitcases, fancy displays. 
There’s even a caricature artist who drew us and let us be who we wanted to be. I chose to be a rockstar. I am a royal princess so I stayed away from the usual requests (now, that’s snobbery ;))
Atkinsons logo is the most sophisticated orange and purple combination I have seen. 
atkinsons perfume launch philippines
atkinsons perfume launch philippines
For someone like me who only stick with 3 scents, I was curious what special concoctions the “Channel of its time” has to offer to today’s perfume snobs. 
Issa Litton walked us through time and the classic and contemporary concoctions of Atkinsons. We are the brave souls who walked around the sophisticated floor of Pangea. Why are we brave? There was a suited bear in the house which epitomizes Atkinsons brand. We felt like British aristocrats who once “braved the bear” to visit Atkinsons shop to get a whiff of each of his concocted perfume. 
The Atkinsons Philippine launch mirrors sophisticated high tea parties. I love the exquisite canapes and tea. There was even a special dessert crafted and inspired by Atkinsons fragrances. 
atkinsons perfume philippines
with Rodel Flordeliz and Earth Rullan
Atkinsons history traveled through distance and time and in the 21st century, the brand ensures that there’s an Atkinsons scent for every snob:

The Emblamatic Collection
24 Old Bond Street
In 1800, James Atkinson invented the English Cologne, an uncommonly fresh yet textured and tenacious scent conveying the confidence of the British Empire, King George IV loved it and proclaimed him Official Perfumer to the Royal Court of England. The 24 Old Bond Street became his new headquarters. The ingredients of the precious scent of Atkinsons is a cocktail of juniper, rose an black tea and smoky oak-caske whisky accord. The original scent thus came its 21st century successor. 

The Legendary Collection
Modern Vintages
The classic scents that have withstood the test of time. Three lavish Eaux de Toilette created in Atkinson’s roraing inter-war years have been recreated.

The British Bouquet – woven from velvety lavender, myrtle and malt, and lined with gilded
citrus top notes of bitter orange and caviarmlemon.

The Odd Fellow’s Bouquet – this rarified ambience is conveyed with almondy heliotrope flowers
and dark tobacco, heightened with ginger and fiery peppercorn and, finally, deepened with a rich ambery accord of benzoin and labdanum. A fragrance of immense leisure.

The Nuptial Bouquet  a fragrance for royal romance, a retro contemporary interpretation
of Queen Victoria’s bridal bouquet: the green and white loveliness of lily of the Valley, violet leaves and exquisite myrtle flowers enhanced with delicate
white musk and sandalwood.

The Fashion Decree  is a languorous scent redolent of a cargo of Asian silk brocades steamship-bound for London, carefully packed in patchouli leaves.

The Excelsior Bouquet (1919) is concocted for modern adventurers. The scent captures the exhiliration and heroism of history’s best-loved explorers with high-spirited masculine blend of flint sage and spices. 
Love in Idleness (1922) neo-Victoria love potion of raspberry, violet, orris, heliotrope, tree moss and patchouli. This is the scent of love at first sight. 
Amber Empire (1927) a very sensual scent of voyage into enigmatic reaches of the Orient. Made from a precious amber, accord captured in drills of earthly and rich coloring tea. The scent is exotic and cosmopolitan.
The Oud Collection
An Emir in England
An interesting story of the scent – a Crown Prince, Mohammed Ali Ibrahim of Egypt, a boxer and racecar driver and adventurer, went to Atkinsons of London to ask them to compose perfumes for himself and his paramour Mael Normand, a Hollywood starlet. The oud, “liquid gold” of the Orient is the precious ingredient. 
How to ruin a good photo with Paul Chuapoco, AJ Dee and Earth
The Contemporary Collection
Classic Unconventionally
The feminine Rose in Wonderland, Jasmine in Tangerine, and Lavender on the Rocks, and the sportsmanly Posh on the Green are contemporary visions of the classic iconic perfume ingredients. They may sound like your familiar perfumes but Atkinsons made them fabulously unfamiliar. Classics yet still snobbish. 
It was hard to choose the best one I like. It seems that each scent has an interesting memory and/or a splendid dream that attracts my senses. I was not into flowery tone but The Contemporary Collection has a sophisticated hint in it that tells you it is an expensive scent. I also fell for the 24 Old Bond Street scent that can be worn by both men and women. It is strong yet sexy. 
As I toured the little fancy bar, I was amazed how much history, elegance and craftmanship were dedicated in every precious bottle of perfume by Atkinsons. It makes me want to fly back to London and visit the interesting store in 24 Old Bond Street where the bear used to greet Mr. Atkinsons customers. 
where to buy atkinsons perfume philippines

Atkinsons is available in luxury fragrance boutique Art of Scent – flagship store in Shangrila Plaza and shops at City of Dreams and Resorts World Manila. 

perfume snobbery atkinsons
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#SnobCrew (?)
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I love perfume but I am no snob.
Will you brave the bear?
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