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iACADEMY Gave Me 10 Reasons to Want to Go Back to School

September 28, 2015
It’s been years the last time I attended school. It is funny looking back at my younger self when I wanted to drag the time so I could start working and “do the things that I want”. Now, I wanted to stay young, just attend school and get allowance from parents. 

I would like to think I am a good student. Good in a sense that I did not study hard yet I still made it to the honor roll and graduated as part of the best class. I do not remember my mom forcing me to review or study. I and my siblings spent hours and hours of time playing Family Computer. We were responsible kids because we still made sure that we finish our projects and homework. No pressure on our parents. 
In College, I was very chill. I was only interested in the subjects that I like, and sometimes we did cut classes. Hehe. I still managed to maintain my grade. My grade average would have put me on a Cum Laude list, if not only for the one subject that got me a 2.75 rating (highest is always 1 or uno). In our university, honor students are expected to have consistent grades. 
Anyway, after so many years and now living in a real world, ironically, it was not the students who were in the honor roll who got the best or most satisfying jobs. The lazy students then are now the managers and big bosses of the big companies. I remember when I had my OJT at a prestigious hotel, the staff always told me that my parents are very lucky – they didn’t need to pay high tuition because I was a scholar and studying in a state university. He had to pay thousands of pesos every semester but his kids always fail the subjects (it was probably because the curiculum is not tailored based on a student’s interest). 
Every parent would only want a good education and future for the kids. Sometimes, one’s interest might have been different from what he/she has learned from school or university. There are people who shifted their course or career after so many years.  
Interestingly, there’s a school called iACADEMY. It offers short courses, undergraduate programs and senior high school courses. The school provides theory-based learning and experience-based learning opportunities. Last Saturday, iACADEMY held an Open House wherein I was able get to know the school and its offerings, and tour around the campus. 
During my 3-hour visit, I got to list down the things why I would recommend iACADEMY
iacademy campus
1. Industy-related Courses
When I graduated from High School, I was clueless what I really wanted to do. I wanted to take up Mass Communication but ended up taking Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management. When I took up the course, they said by the time I graduate I would be able to get a good job. When I finally had my diploma, Nursing was the most in-demand course. 
iACADEMY ensures that the courses they are offering are what the industry needs now and helps the student in making the best in their field. 
iACADEMY offers 3 major fields – School of Computing (Software Engineering, Game Development, Web Development), School of Business (Financial Management, Marketing and Advertising) and School of Design (Animation, Multimedia Arts and Design, Fashion Design & Technology)
2. Learn 21st Century Skills
I am proud to say that I have learned the 21st Century Skills from my former employer (hello IBM) and from the previous job title that I have handled. 

What are the 21st Century Skills? Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication, Leadership, Collaboration. These are just a few of the skills that one need when working with a team or in a global setting.  These skills are not usually taught in universities and one can only learn in “the real world”. iACADEMY ensures that these skills are taught to their students to make them ready to take on real world challenges. 

3. Professors are Industry Practitioners
Back in College, I really enjoyed my class with my professor who worked in a Front Office because of her stories and experiences. Don’t we just hate listening to professors who just teach whatever is in the textbook?
iACADEMY’s professors are industry practitioners who have hands-on experience and expertise in their field. I heard that the master animator for Simpsons is teaching in the iACADEMY Animation class. And yes, IBM’s very own are also teaching in the School of Computing. 
4. High-tech Facilities and Equipment

iacademy facilities
iACADEMY has partnership with technology giants who supply gadgets and  equipment to the school. This is to ensure that students get to be accustomed to the gadgets which are the same equipment they would use when they are working already – this would make them more eligible for the job. 
I saw Wacom for animation and Juki sewing machines. My mom would be ecstatic to see them. 
I know Juki because my mom always talks about how awesome her Juki sewing machine is. 
5. Real-world Training
The global scene is the iACADEMY’s training place. Students are sent abroad for training to work with global companies. iACADEMY has been awarded the IBM Center for Excellence . IBM will conduct faculty development training programs and student development programs in iACADEMY. IBM will also include certification-oriented training progams for the faculty and students of iACADEMY.
I speak highly of IBM because I was once an IBMer and I am telling you how amazing it is to work with IBMers. We are expected to be critical thinkers and naturally curious.
iacademy training
6.  Partnership with Companies and Brands 
I was amazed to see logos and names of the companies who are partners of iACADEMY Some are even brands and PR companies I got to work with. 
Students of School of Design might even get the chance to actually work with the Project Runway Philippines team. Trivia: the show was actually shot in the campus. 
iacademy partner brands
iACADEMYbelieves that connections would help their students in landing the dream job or dream company for them after graduation. Relationship and partnership with the companies are important for iACADEMY. 
7. Work-Life Balance
iACADEMY understands that students might need a time-off from studying to relax or find inspiration for their homework. There is an available “quiet room” in the campus where students can stay during break. 
During our tour, we chanced upon a popcorn party where students gave away free popcorn. Parties, and get-togethers are held in the campus to make the students feel they are not just studying but also building social connections. 
8. Accessible Location in a Business District
Makati may be a warzone but iACADEMY is strategically located in Makati to expose students in the environment of business and transactions.  It is also accessible from people who live in the North and South. 
9. Fraternity-Free and Safe Environment
iACADEMY ensures the safety and welfare of the students. The school promotes anti-bullying by engaging their students in different activities which would make them better citizen of the society. I love the activity that they held a few months back when they put a car which students can smash to release their angst and stress. 
The staff is also trained to respond to emergencies and provide first aid when needed. 
iacademy campus
10. No uniform (!!!)
iACADEMY respects student’s individuality by allowing them to wear their personal style. Isn’t it cool? 
I love that the school also observes Open Door policy. Students can freely talk to a Dean, Professor or Faculty member anytime they want. The students work are displayed in corridors and hallways. I love that the staff speaks highly of the students and their achievement. It is the same culture that I have embraced when working in a global company. 🙂
If I were still a student, I would wanted to enroll at iACADEMY Every inch and corner of the school seems so motivating. I love the rules that they set to the Game Changers. 
Check out the courses and more information about iACADEMY:
call  (632)889-7777 

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