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#ClaraOleWizardry My Magical #HarryBirthdayRuth Party: Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party

April 15, 2016
harry potter party idea

#ClaraOleWizardry My Magical #HarryBirthdayRuth Party: Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party
I am lucky to have people around me who trust me and the things that I do. I cannot do it all on my own. Thank you guys.

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When I arrived in Lola Cafe for my #HarryBirthdayRuth party, it felt like walking in the Great Hall once again. I wanted to cry, jump and hug everyone who made it exactly how I wanted it to be. 

harry potter themed party

There were floating candles, the Four Houses flags, the flying invitations and the table runner. I was worried about the execution of the design. It is not that I do not trust my friend. I am more worried about the little details and she got it too perfectly. 

They were finishing the jars and little details for the centerpieces. My words were just “oh my God.. oh my God.. Thank you.. (thank you Joan, Cecille and Clara Ole and Lola Cafe for making this happen!). 
It was around 1:45 pm and we only have a few minutes to prepare and have a quick briefing. I wanted to have the venue all by myself first. I regret not taking much pictures (because again, I lived the moment).

harry potter themed party

I know that muggles, wizards and witches friends would arrive at 2:00 pm because I asked them to. 
I was surprised when the #AppleofMyLeftEye Rodel first arrived. He used the muggle mode of transportation. I was not expecting him to arrive that early. I might have probably jumped and hugged him when I saw him. When I first thought of hosting a party, I already asked him to take a video coverage of the event. I didn’t want to be pushy about it although he asked me if I wanted any theme for it. I know )it takes more than skills and talent (more importantly time. Plus, he was supposedly planning to attend a personal commitment in the morning but he decided to do it in the afternoon (but hey, he actually finished the event. Thank you Noggy!!!). So yes, I am truly touched with the kind gesture.

I took the time to take a video of the venue and how excited I was when the party host arrived – the #AppleofMyRightEye Paul Chuapoco. Same with Rodel, I asked him early on to host for the party. He is doing hosting gigs and PR consulting, managing events aside from blogging. I so appreciate the fact that he dedicated his time and talent in hosting my party. I couldn’t think of anyone so perfect to host my #HarryBirthdayRuth party than Paul.  Thank you Paul!!!

harry potter party idea

The #HarryBirthdayRuth Great Hall Details
Lola Cafe was transformed into the Great Hall! 
harry potter themed party
harry potter themed party

harry potter themed party

harry potter themed party

harry potter themed party
harry potter themed party

harry potter themed party

(1) Hogwarts Four Houses Flags (2) The Happy Birthday Ruth with Harry Potter font + scar and eyeglasses (3) Table runner is pages of the book – sorry my friend had to destroy a real book for this because it is much less costly. (4) We added jelly beans, chocolate coins and kisses in the table centerpiece (5) Floating Candles!!! (6) me doing magic! (7) I initially wanted jars in the table but my friend thought of just creating cylinder lamps with my pictures taken in Harry Potter Studio in London (8) Flying Letters from Hogwarts + Nimbus 2,000 Loot with Clara Ole Products! (9) Password? (10) Table Pages Runner pic by @rodelflordeliz

At the second floor washroom, we put stickers to direct guests to the Ministry of Magic and even added Moaning Mrytle. My friend was so impressed, and I told them we didn’t put anything in the washroom. Haha

harry potter themed party

Clara Ole team didn’t want me to be in the venue while guests were arriving. They wanted to have a dramatic entrance but I already saw some friends in the venue and I was so happy to see friends I have not seen for years who came and took the time to dress up!

When I was changing at the second floor, I was worried that muggle guests were already feeling bored and hungry. I had a quick change from my Hogwarts uniform to the black romper from Zara (Zara always saves the day!).  I took less time to prepare myself for the party. I forgot my adapter to my hair iron and just realized that I even missed putting on mascara! My friend Au and Issa did my eyebrows though. Haha. I was not feeling the party celebrant because what I really wanted to do was to go down and make sure that everything is in order.

 Sigh of relief when I saw my friends in the Great Hall – Diane, Teepee, Jeiz and Stephy, Fritz, John, Lei. I had to send a message to Ralph because I thought I didn’t see him before my Grand Entrance. It appeared that he sent several SMS asking for the exact location. I missed them. Haha

harry potter party idea
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The Great Hall Entrance
Chuckie, Yen and the Pickiest Eater arrived just when I was waiting for my “entrance”. I was truly touched because I know how busy they are but they took the time to come over and even dress up for the party.

I could hear Paul from outside and he seemed serious about his hosting. I was like “this is not how I imagined it to be”. I want my friends to come together, have fun and just enjoy the event. 
I was surprised when Paul read his script and intro spiel. When I entered the venue, I just said
“Hello Hogwarts!” like Hello, Manila!!!

I told them they were so serious!

When I made it in front, and I look at the crowd –  I was so happy, delighted, excited and touched to see almost all of my closest friends. It was magical to see them all together and smiling and excited. Well, I know some who were already hungry πŸ™‚ 
The #ClaraOleWizardy Food Fest
Chef Jonvic created a really nice menu for the afternoon snack. It was magical because he was able to incorporate Clara Ole mixes, sauces and marinades to create such dishes. We even glamourized the names to make it more Harry Potter-ish.

In staying true with the potluck theme, my friend Angeli, who just recently started a catering business (please like Sab’s Party Trays!) also brought Meatballs Pasta made with Clara Ole Three Cheese Sauce (my favorite!). She even shared how easy it is to prepare and how surprised she is with the variety of sauces from Clara Ole.

pic from @anagon 

photos by @rodelflordeliz

I did a quick table round during snack time. I love it when they told me they loved the food!!! Food is the most essential part of any event so I love that Clara Ole was able to make magic. Thank you too to the great wizard Chef Jonvic!!!
harry potter party idea
photo by @certifiedfoodies

 While our muggle friends were having snack, I took the time to answer questions from the Clara Ole Fanpage. It was an ambush interview actually and thankfully my previous work had trained me with public speaking and impromptu speeches. Haha. 

Q&A with Ruth dela Cruz – Introduction
The magic lives on this week as Ruth dela Cruz handpicked 3 questions from our fans to answer and win a special prize from us! We will be revealing these winners and their questions starting tomorrow until the end of the week. Good luck and thank you to all those who participated! πŸ™‚ #ClaraOlePotluck #ClaraOleWizardry #HarryBirthdayRuth
Posted by ClaraOle on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Wizarding Cup!

I wanted the event to be fun for everyone so we made sure that the games were exciting, fun and engaging. The Activation Team was worried that people might not be game for it, but I told them they were not my friends if they were not game, fun and COMPETITIVE.
We played Pinoy Henyo, Outwit the Wizard and Dugtungan Games. We were also joined by winners of the #ClaraOleWizardry contest in IG and Facebook Fanpage and they were also very game! I wanted them to be part of the fun and to enjoy the party. One thing I love about my friends is that we never let anyone feel out of place. I remember when I was still with IBM, we were like the “welcoming team” for the new hires πŸ™‚
Anyway, COMPETITIVE was the word that day! Everyone was so into the games especially during the Dugtungan. Cecille kept telling me to be super strict with the rules and do a quick time check because all the teams could keep the music going.

Same was true with the Outwit the Wizard wherein we gave them a piece of item and they needed to be creative with it. This is the game that Ralph and I just thought of randomly back when were still with the Big Blue. It was so random and we just do it wherever we encounter an odd-looking object. 
My Oprah Moment!
During the Pre-Prod meeting, I told the Clara Ole and the Activation Team that instead of the usual giving of loot bag at the end of the event, I wanted to have my Oprah Moment. I want the loot to be distributed right in the program. I also asked them if possible to create a packaging as if the loot bags were broom. πŸ™‚ Truly, #whatruthwantsuthgets.

I asked my friends if they wanted to also cook dishes using Clara Ole. I told them they can buy Clara Ole at all leading supermarkets Haha. But of course, that’s when I announced that everyone will get their own Clara Ole loot bag!
.. and we awarded prizes to the winners of the games and contests.

Everyone is a Winner but…
Aside from the Nimbus 2,000 broom loot that we gave away, we also gave away awesome prizes sponsored by Masflex. 
We initially have just one contest – the most number of likes. But during the start of the program, I had to dispute it because not all guests are social media people (it would be unfair to my “normal” friends) + I know that likes can be bought.
Clara Ole was so generous to announce that they would choose 3 winners – most creative instagram post, most number of likes and most number of shares. 
When it was time to announce the Best in Costume, Clara Ole asked me to pick between the two – the House Elf or Professor Snape. I wanted to cry-rant. Why me? Why do I need to decide?
But then again, Clara Ole was feeling generous that day.. we agreed to make them both a winner. 
To make it more fun, I did my own little twist of the announcement. I announced Professor Snape (John). I want to give it to him for being into his character (my friends love him) but seriously, he was just being himself. He was grabbing my mic and I told him we didn’t want speeches. But of course he thanked his mom for working on the costume. Sweet!

After his speech, I said the magic words “I apologize…”


I told them that the real winner is Duane Bacon – my House Elf! Haha. But of course it was a joke. They were both winners. Now, it was time to play a little prank to my house elf. I told him he won a trip to Guam (remember #RuthGoestoGuam)?

It is all Free. The catch? He would have to use the broom! Haha πŸ™‚



It was a fun day indeed.

It sounds too cliche but I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful friends. I thank them for the time,  effort and support that they give to my party and to my adventures. If there is anything that people should envy about my life is the people around me – not the material things. My friends and the people around me trust me and the things that I do. They give me the opportunities and the best experiences of my life. I cannot do all these by myself. Thank you!!!

I love it when they all say that this is one epic and magical party. The best that they have attended. It is the most important thing for me.


Thank you blogger friends for coming!

Thank you IBM Mobility and Team Icebergs for joining me!!
Thank you Issa! It was awesome to see you!!!
Thank you Tom and #busywomen for being a part of it!
Thank you Rod, Mother Ruth, Krissy and Lou!!!
pic by @rodelflordeliz
Thank you Ana!! (read her blog here) Thank you for saving the snaps!!! 
Thank you Krissy!!! I super love your costume and hair! I appreciate your time babe! 
Thank you Twiny Charlene for making habol!  So happy you made it!!! 
Thank you the Pickiest Eater!!!  I missed Rina though πŸ˜€ 
Thank you #TheDreys – Chuckie and Yen!! Love the Errectum spell Haha!
Thank you for the fun gifs and gift! 
Thank you #teamsuspects
Read John and Earth’s blogs. 
Thank you Guam-y Bears for coming!!! 
Thank you Teepee and Diane!!! Thank you for adopting me that night. I enjoyed watching The Revenant with you two!
Than you to everyone who came! 
Thank you’s + Love Notes!

I want to extend my love and thank you to Clara Ole for trusting me. I am not a “brand ambassador” but I am a user of the brand. I mentioned it before but I want to say it again – the most beautiful thing about blogging is when the brands that you love support you and work with you. Thank you for all the trust and support.

Thank you ASPAC team for supporting this party – my wants, my wishes and needs for #HarryBirthdayRuth.

Thank you Mhel and Ken (Certified Foodies) for being always with me ever since I started working with brands. I love you both!

Thank you Cecille for being such a fun partner! It didn’t feel like work because of you. You lifted off all the stresses from me. Thank you and Happy Birthday to you too!!!!

Thank you Lola Cafe for allowing us to make magic in your lovely restaurant and Chef Jonvic for the amazing buffet spread! Thank you for the special menu for #HarryBirthdayRuth

Thank you Angeli for always being my Ms Bulgaria. For being always so excited about my adventures. I love you and I am forever grateful to be your friend.

Thank you Paul (Paul the PR Guy) for being my fun host that day! I know how busy you are but you dedicated your talent and time for me and to my friends. You are a great host and my mom loves your voice. Haha You will always be my Harry Potter πŸ™‚

Thank you Rodel for covering and taking videos of one of the best moments of my life! I would have wanted you to be in that video too!!! I didn’t expect that you will do this and put it ahead of one of the most important things in your life. I am so happy to be your friend. (read his blog about #HarryBirthdayRuth here). 

Thank you Joan for making magic to my party. You are the greatest, most patient and creative person I know. Thank you for supporting me on this and for being always here when I need you – kilig or drama days. Haha. I love you!

Thank you friends, family and all the people who are sharing this with me.
When I started blogging, I wanted to be an anonymous blogger. I still want to keep a part of my life private. I didn’t realize I would soon be writing about my birthday and this awesome party. Thank you. You all make me happy.

All my successes and opportunities, they are all behind me πŸ™‚

Please support my lovely sponsors and follow their other projects:

Clara Ole
Arum Daum Design
Sab’s Party Trays
Lola Cafe
Paul the PR Guy for hosting and PR Work
Rodel Flordeliz for hosting and video coverage

Thank you Arum Daum Design for the pictures. Feel free to use but please give a link back to this site and give credit to the owner. Thank you. 

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