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The M&M’s Miting De Avance 2016 + Vote for Green #MMsGreen

May 12, 2016

We were serious when we asked you to vote for #MMSGreen as the ultimate Candy-date; and the M&Ms are serious in making sure that they get your vote. 

A few weeks ago, we gathered at Makati Coliseum to cheer for our favorite bae – #MMSGreen and met the other Candy-dates MMs Red and MMs Yellow for the M&M’s 2016 Miting de Avance
vote for green
True to the spirit of the national election, people come in colors of green, yellow and red to support their candy-dates. While waiting for our favorite candy-dates, guests were treated to fun games. 
In a colorful motorcade and catchy jingles, our bets arrived in true M&Ms fashion. Everyone cheered and screamed for their bets, while we (the green team) stay trued to #MMSGreen ”s personality – we cheered, clapped and waved at her. 
The M&M’s Candy-dates performed a series of dance number for us. Each Candy-date were also given a time to convince the people on why they should be voted as the ultimate Candy-date. Just like in the true election, the M&Ms Candy-dates also took part in a debate. 
M&Ms Green
M&Ms Green
M&Ms Green
I may sound biased but I love #MMSGreen ‘s personality. She’s confident, smart and knows how to balance fun and class. 🙂
During the event, we were given a chance to vote for our favorite M&M’s Candy-date. We, of course, voted for our favorite #MMSGreen. Sadly, we didn’t win during the mocked election that day. 
M&Ms Green
M&Ms Blue and M&Ms Orange also showed up to show their support to our candy-dates! So cute! At the end of the show, we know that all these M&M’s colors are all friends (and yummy as a real M&M chocolate). 
M&Ms Green
M&Ms Green
The good news, we still have a chance to vote for #MMSGreen and win exciting prizes!
M&Ms will draw winners from those who will vote for #MMSGreen. There were already some who won Php 5,000 in CASH!

As a treat and as a way of saying “thank you” for your support to our team (GREEN TEAM) and #MMSGREEN, we are also giving away special M&Ms Merchandise for those who will vote for us!
Why you should vote for #MMSGreen?
She’s confident. 
She is smart.
She knows how to have fun and act with class.
Green represents nature.
Green is for recycling, reducing and re-using!
How to Vote?
To vote, simply post a caption on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on your chosen candidate with the corresponding hashtags: I vote Green! #mmsgreen. Don’t forget to set the status in public.
Prizes will be raffled off weekly.
Voting Period is on until May 15, 2016.
Dance to this jingle!

A big thank you (!!!) in advance from the #MMSGreen Team!

Check out the M&M’s Philippines Facebook Page for more information about this campaign.
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