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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

February 6, 2017
Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Writing about this entry makes me think about the last time I felt the most beautiful. But I would just keep it to myself :p

Growing up, I had a fair share of teenage insecurities. But I am glad that I was able to make peace with myself earlier and accepted my strengths and weaknesses. 
There are many campaigns now that advocate believing in one’s self and accepting uniqueness. I love that even the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant doesn’t only seek beautiful woman but also someone who inspires the youth and is abreast with issues concerning the world. 
It is always easier to say “be confident” but we build confidence through experiences, lessons and validation of people around us. That is why, it is important to choose “our people”. 
It is also important to look our best (always) to feel more confident – because, everyday always brings us surprises and adventures. We wouldn’t know who we would meet at the end of the day. I met my ultimate crush one fine night – I almost died. 

If you are reading this and you doubted yourself, just think that you have qualities that others don’t possess. People (you probably don’t know) are inspired by the things that you do and your accomplishments. You are not defined by your shape, skin color and race. Be your own kind of beautiful. 

Dove believes that every woman should celebrate her own beauty.  I received this gift as a part of the campaign and I love how it reminds me to always take care of myself and my body (I tend to be pretty abusive). 

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Dove Campaign
The Dove Essential Products
Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Dove Campaign
I love personalized gifts
I got a water bottle, Dove necklace, Parker Pen and Notepad 🙂 

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Dove Campaign
Dove Intense Repair Shampoo (Php 125) and Conditioner (Php 120)
I now use a baby shampoo but I love Dove Conditioner because it doesn’t weigh down my hair

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Dove Campaign
Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash (Php 185) Dove White Beauty Bar (Php 50)
I love body washes and Dove is one of my favorites!

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Dove Campaign
Dove Whitening Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray (Php 170) and Roll-on (Php 50)
The only products that are nice to my underarms 🙂 

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Thank you Dove for the love. 

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