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The Value of Investing in Something Precious

April 12, 2017
People always get surprised when I told them I have been blogging full-time for 3 years. They thought I have so much money in the bank that I can afford to not have a regular day job. This is a job for me now and this space in the web is my workplace. I may not earn as much as what I used to take home back when I have a corporate brand under my name, but everyday I invest in something precious.

I invest in making memories. 
Everyday is an adventure and I try to make moments memorable especially with people who are important to me. 
I invest in traveling.
I love exploring places while I still can. Travel makes me realize how small part I occupy in this world. Read my travel and adventures here. 
I invest in skills.
Soft skills, technical skills, people skills – they are all important in reaching your goals. 
I invest in making relationship work.
I only have a few trusted friends and I make sure that I invest my time in keeping our friendship strong. 
I no longer invest on material things. My perspective have changed when our house burnt down and I lost everything. I try to live a minimalist life (it is hard). Now, it’s a different story when you start investing in jewelry. Gold, precious stones, diamonds – any of these provide premium return for your money the minute you start investing in them. Jewelries are good investment because you are assured that your money will not depreciate in value over time.  In fact, people depend on their precious gems when life gets tough: they are dependable, highly durable and can be easily turned to a more liquid asset when the need arises. 
The value of gold, precious stones and diamonds go beyond individual needs. The world’s economy often depends on the price of these items, usually gold, to protect governments and currencies from inflation. And while the rest of the world’s currency may fluctuate – as often dictated by economic and political climate – that is not the case when it comes to the price of gold. It is always expected to go up, acting as a safe hedge and a precious commodity during times of crisis.
Convinced but still think that investing in your first precious piece is intimidating? JustJewels just made it easier for intrepid newbies to own their first piece of jewelry. Credited for bringing the novel concept of selling “golds and diamond by the gram”, JustJewels offers easy instalment, trade-in and layaway plans to buyers
What are your investments?

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