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Miss Philippines Earth 2017 Candidates’ Health Secrets #MySlimxMissEarth

July 8, 2017
I always think that one doesn’t need a good position or beauty queen title under his/her name to make a difference in the world. 
When people ask me why I didn’t join any beauty pageant, I think of my younger days and I knew that the dream of wearing a crown never crossed my mind. I knew I always wanted to tell stories. And today’s story is all about – the Miss Philippines Earth. 

We got to meet some of the candidates and got to know their advocacies during the #MySlimxMsEarth event held earlier at Luxent Hotel. 
myslim miss philippines earth 2017
Miss Philippines Earth beauty pageant has long stood for beauty with purpose. It is a pageant that uses beauty to raise awareness on serious environmental issues. 
As each candidate walked down the ramp, I can’t help but admire their confidence, discipline and patience. I know I wouldn’t be able to do that. Being a beauty queen is truly not just about having a beautiful face, a slim body and sense between the ears – you also have to be articulate to be able to send a message clearly to your audience. 
It is admirable to listen to the ladies talk about their advocacy on promoting eco-tourism, organic farming and waste management. 

When asked about how they maintain their figure – they shared that they have to stay focused and disciplined. Aside from proper diet and exercise, they also take MySlim. In the world of instant gratification, fad dies, liposuction and cosmetics are easy access to get to slimmer body. But these candidates chose to work harder and take a healthier option in slimming down. 
MySlim is a slimming product that works in tandem with healthy lifestyle choices to create a slimmer and healthier you. MySlim’s scientifically proven formula is potent mix of Yerba Matte, Carnipure and Palatinose. 
myslim miss philippines earth 2017
myslim miss philippines earth 2017
myslim miss philippines earth 2017
Yerba Mate is a natural plant derived and safe detoxification agent that reduces fat absorption and allows the body to burn unwanted fat without shedding muscle mass. When combined with Carnipure and Palatinose, the result is a metabolic booster that helps boost your energy and physical performance allowing you to maximize the benefits of exercise.  You can read my review of MySlim here. 
 Just like Miss Philippines Earth is all about advocating management of environment in a sustainable manner, MySlim is parallel to responsible weight loss and sustainable weight management. 
myslim miss philippines earth 2017
Miss Philippines Earth 2017 Coronation Night is on July 15, at the Mall of Asia Arena. 
I am cheering for Miss Manila! 😀 
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