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The License to Kill

July 3, 2017
The License to Kill

Maybe a Bond Villain. Not a Bond Girl. 

 I seriously don’t know how to start this story. Maybe I would just talk about my secret fantasies, or my fears?

One thing that I am most afraid of – flying cockroach! The sight (or thought) of it just makes me feel eeiiwww. Don’t get me wrong. I grew up in an urban place in Manila – but one will never get used to the sight of roaches. Yikes! Even the grandest mansion would have them for sure. Yikes.

In our home, we make sure that we kill them all. My mom is the master killer (moms are always so protective).  Every time we see one, we aim and spray insecticide. We use a bug spray that has a citrus-y scent – but even if it smells “good”, somehow I feel like I am inhaling poison whenever I get a whiff of it. 

I recently received a package from Advanced Insect Killer – and it is odorless!

The package comes with info of the targets – roaches, mosquitoes and flies. Aside from roaches, we also make sure we don’t have mosquitoes at home. Prevention is always better than cure (of dengue).

Yikes. I don’t even want the sight of roach in my site!

We usually spray insecticides in the living area, dining and kitchen before going to sleep – to make sure that we don’t get to inhale the chemicals – even if it is odorless. 
Multi-Insect Killer – Php 166.25 (300ml) / Php 255 (500ml) / Php 299 (600ml)
Mosquito Killer – Php 185.75 (300ml) / Php 260 (500ml) / Php 315 (600ml)

You can get your Advanced Insect Killer at leading supermarkets.

What is your greatest fear? 😀 

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