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Current Faves: Dermairis 4-in-1 Face Masks, Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch, Systane Ultra Artificial Tears & Loreal Ultra Lights

December 8, 2017
I got new additions to my ever growing list of favorite things. First on the list will always be anything that is for skin care and health care. I am quite guilty with my unhealthy lifestyle, so I try to balance everything with skin care essentials. 
Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch 
We are all familiar with nose trips and facial masks, but it is the first time I am using an eye patch! It surprisingly worked to lessen (my very obvious) eyebags. I brought a pack and used it during our recent Taiwan Trip. 
luke collagen hydrogel eye patch review
luke collagen hydrogel eye patch review
I love that it is easy to use and apply. The Luke Eye Patches are very relaxing and do the job. I didn’t get my usual 8 hours of sleep during the trip, but it didn’t show in our travel photos (because eye patches do the miracle – no filter needed!). 

luke collagen hydrogel eye patch review

Dermairis Facial Masks
 There are a lot of available facial masks in the market and online, but what makes Dermairis my current favorite is its 4-in-1 effect in the skin -it moisturizes, it has anti-wrinkle property which penetrates the cells 5x faster than other EGF used by other face masks, it improves skin’s elasticity because of the key ingredients, and it is whitening.

Dermairis Masks Philippines Review
The patented JW-Epidermal Growth Factor (CTP-EGF) penetrates the skin 5x faster than other EGF, making the Dermairis Mask more efficient than the rest. Meanwhile, AMF (Artificial Moisturizing Factor) is not destroyed by time and blocks moisture evaporation for 120 hours. It, therefore, works more effectively than NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) found in other face masks, which reduces skin moisture retention.
Dermairis Masks Philippines Review
Dermairis Masks Philippines Review
Dermairis Blue Php 70,
Dermairis Pink Php 150. 
The masks are available at leading beauty and wellness counters, drugstores, and skin clinics nationwide.
We witnessed the official launch of Dermairis Facial Masks in the Philippines which was held last November in a private venue in Taguig . The event was attended by Glenda Arceno (General Manager of JW Healthcare Phil) and ambassadors of the brand.
During the event, Dr. Crystal Roxas talked about the largest organ in the body, the skin and how we should take care of it. 
I usually just follow the cleanse, tone and moisturize steps everyday, but I do try to make up for the other steps during the weekend. 
Systane Ultra Eye Drops

Everyday I am sorely my 20/20 vision. My blurry, tired eyes prevented me from doing more things. I hate it. And even if I am aware of this, I still find myself abusing my eyes and spending more time in front of the computer (because need to publish this). 😀
Systane Ultra Eye Drops
My cousin who is an Ophthalmologist, suggested that I use Systane Ultra Eye Drops for my tired eyes. 
Systane Ultra Eye Drops
I received a package of Systane Ultra Eye Drops from our PR Friends after I missed the event at the Systane Eye-conic Longue. I almost cried (to cleanse my eyes). 😭
After doing research about my eye condition, I found out it is due to Dry Eye Syndrome which apparently is a common condition. To prevent Dry Eye Syndrome, it is important to follow the 20-20-20 rule.

Look away from the computer after 20 minutes. 
Focus on the object 20 feet away.
Look at it for 20 seconds. 
Systane Ultra Eye Drops
It is also good to have an artificial tears to help maintain the moisture of the outer eye surface and to cleanse the eyes. Systane Ultra Eye Drops is hailed as the best eye drop brand. I love that it relaxes my eyes after prolonged use of computer (with no side-effects like feeling dizzy or having blurry vision). 
When all else fails, a good cry is always nice. 
Loreal Paris Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights
Loreal is challenging me to Go #UltraLight. I am actually a bit hesitant to try because of my gray hair. Most Filipinas aim to have lighter hair because it gives an instant lift to the look and makes the face looks fairer. We are however, afraid of the hair damage due to bleaching the hair. 
Loreal recently introduced new hair color that bring the hair up to 4x Ligther without using bleach. It comes with 3 shades – Ultra Light Natural Brown, Ultra Light Golden Brown and Ulltra Light Ash Brown. 
Loreal Paris Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights
Loreal Paris Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights
I might try the new Loreal Excellence Hair Color next month. For now, I am loving the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that came with my #bloggermail. 
What are your current fave skin care products?

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