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Greece Visa Tourist Application 2018: How to Apply for Schengen Visa at the Greece Embassy

January 8, 2018
How to Apply for Schengen Visa at the Greece Embassy

I am flying to Greece!!!!

That was running in my mind when I got my Schengen Visa approved. I didn’t realize that I would get the chance to visit Europe again (and welcome the new year  in another country). 
I have been keeping this for the longest time but now that the trip is over, it is time to share the details of the Greece adventure. 
First up, application for Schengen Visa in Greece Embassy. 

You will need at least a month to prepare and apply for Schengen Visa in the Greece Embassy. There is no rush processing. 

Steps on Applying for Schengen Visa in Greece Embassy
Request for a Greece Visa Appointment
You have to send an email ahead of time and follow the template in this site. Send to [email protected].  Wait for the response and confirm your schedule. 
As I was traveling with another blogger, I requested Group Appointment. I sent request on October 17, 2017 for November 20, 2017. We scheduled ahead and after our Taiwan Trip. 

Prepare Documents
The embassy is really strict and would ask/question any discrepancy. Like what I always say, don’t give them reason to deny your application. Come prepared with complete documents. 
1. Checklist. 
2. Completed Greece Tourist Visa Application Form – Typewritten. Not Handwritten. 
3. Photo – must be the approved size. 
4. Passport – validity of six (6) months after the starting date of the travel, at least two (2) adjacent free pages and no existing valid Schengen visas. 
5. Previous Passports and photo copies of previous Visas and Stamps. I photocopied all my passport pages with stamps, Visa Information and Passport Information. 
6. Financial Means and Documentations:
– Bank certificate with your bank account remaining balance and Average Monthly Balance for the past six months accompanied by past six months account statement and original bank book (note that when I submitted my document they asked me to photo copy pages of my bank books).
– Latest income tax return form (ITR), and
– Property titles, if applicable (I brought and submitted my stock certificates). 
7. Employment Status
– If you are employed, certificate of employment stating salary level and your leave of absence for the duration of the travel. Also include approved leave form. 
– If you’re self-employed, latest business permit, company’s registration and incorporation document, and company ITR, and
– If you’re a uni student, recent certificate of enrolment, and formal letter authorising the student’s absence outside regular holidays.
8. Detailed travel itinerary: places you will visit and dates. 
9. Flight reservations (include all tickets if you are traveling to other Schengen countries). 
10. Hotel Reservation. 
11. Travel Insurance covering the entire duration of your stay in the Schengen area. Minimum coverage of 30000 euros. I got mine from Malayan Insurance. 
12. One set of photocopies of EVERYTHING I listed above. 
Put everything in a large brown envelope with your name and contact details on the upper left hand corner. 
Appointment Day
1. Come on time. Treat Embassy Schedule like a job interview. 
2. The guard would not allow you to come up unless it is your scheduled time. Log in and proceed to the Embassy office. 
3. Pass your envelope and wait for your name to be called. If there are questions or any discrepany in your documents, they would ask you for it. They may give you option to withdraw the application, com back with completed documents or proceed. 
3. If all document are good, you will be asked to pay Visa Fee at the BDO branch right in front of the Embassy office (Greece Visa Fee: 60 euros)
4. Pass the receipt and wait for your name to be called for biometrics. 
7. After biometrics, wait for your name to be called again. 
8. When your name is called, it is time for … TENEN! INTERVIEW!
How to Apply for Schengen Visa at the Greece Embassy
Greece Visa Application Interview
I was called and escorted to a room and was asked to wait for the consul. She is a fine, pleasant lady. 
She just scanned my passport and said, okay this looks good (background: I got valid US Visa and previously approved Schengen and UK visas). She signed something on the application form and ready to issue a visa (or so I thought). She asked, why visit Greece?
I told her, I am traveling with a friend and we were invited to visit Greece. 
She asked, oh is your friend here? Call him. Does he have the same passport? (err.. no).

When she asked more about the intention and application, she said, she just approved two applicants who applied for the same reason. She said, she couldn’t issue a visa. Everyone is going to Athens and Santorini. Even Angelina Jolie has visited Greece. Sorry. 

I felt like my dreams were crashing. This was not how I imagined things to end or to start. I felt that as long as she was not sending us out of the embassy, we still have a chance. I thought we have mentioned thousands of reasons why we wanted to visit Greece (in Winter). She then suggested and listed down places to visit.

I told her, 

We would visit those places if we got a Visa. 


Then she said, okay I might lose my job for this but I trust you guys. But he asked Rodel what is the guarantee that he would come back? 

(In stressful times like this, I would suggest that you stay calm, be articulate and precise on your answers. Give name of company, number of years and your position)
She signed the papers. Counted the number of days we would be in Greece and just asked us to update our itinerary. 
She said we are bright kids. 
After the interview, she told me I am beautiful 😊😊😊 and she made Rodel promised to love her mother country (it is Rodels first visa and I think she felt that Rodel won’t come back if he meets someone in Greece – she actually asked!)
So yes, she approved our Schengen Visa! Now I felt like I have a commitment to her. 
When we left the room, I was smiling and giggling.
I love how we knew right then and there that we got approved. I hate the paranoia of waiting for the decision. 
The Following Day
To be compliant with the consul’s request to update our itinerary, we passed by the embassy to submit our new itinerary. 
After 15 Days
We went back to get our Visa. Schedule of issuing visa is from 1:00 to 2:00 PM only. I came at 2:50 and begged the guard to let me in. The guard let me call the embassy and asked if I could still go up. The lady told me that they strictly issue until 2:00 pm only. I told her it was my only free day to get my visa. She asked for my name and told me she would call the guard to let me inside. 
Then, I got my visa!
How to Apply for Schengen Visa at the Greece Embassy
Final Thoughts
Like what I always say, when applying for a visa, don’t give them a reason to deny your application. Always come prepared. Dress appropriately. Come on time. Be articulate and honest with your answers. Prove that you can afford to stay in Greece and return to your home country. 
I didn’t expect that there would be a one-on-one interview with the consul; but I think it is better so one can defend his/her application. I find it less stressful than my application for US Visa though. 
I love that we already knew the decision on the visa right after our interview. Unlike in my previous UK and Schengen Visa applications, I didn’t know if I could fly or not. 
We may have different reasons for applying for a visa, but I hope you find this post helpful. 

Schengen Visa Application Timeline
October 16, 2017 – I sent Request for Visa Application Schedule
October 17, 2017 – Received Schedule (November 20, 2017)
October 17, 2017 — I responded and confirmed the schedule.
November 20, 2017 – Visa Application
December 11, 2017 – Visa Received
December 29, 2017 – Off we flew to Greece 
How to Apply for Schengen Visa at the Greece Embassy

Embassy of Greece
ADDRESS: 7F Unit 701 SEDCCO I Building, 
Corner Rada & Legaspi Str, Legaspi Villg.
 Makati City 1229, Metro Manila, Philippines
I hope you find this post helpful! Good luck on your application. 

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